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~*Bwahahaha you are now in my lil world of lil.....things!! Be afraid for I hold the power of......yeah, nevermind.Anywho all you really need to know is I'm a very hyper and bouncy person and, I scare people sometimes with my cuteness??? Yuh, so welcome to my crazy lil world where penguins and ramen noodles rule along side with Laruku and Dir en grey very happily due to -Coughs- lotsa yaoi-ness.However new my site may be please please please sign my guestbook and add me if you'd like ^.^ *~

P.S. Course I didn't take the Anti-Drug thing from Alicia >.> *She's going to kill me o.o; xD

-Nosebleeds and licks her computer screen-

That's right bishes, this site is yaoi and yuri friendly!Any objections? Get over 'em

Sunday, January 1, 2006

   Update ^^
Okay, I realize I haven't quite been fulfilling my duty as a MyO ....resident? XD I haven't been online to check my site in about a month, which is terrible to say the least cause I feel bad ._.. But um..my Christmas and New Years was great, very eventful...literally party after party since I've been here x.x. I hope all of you had nice holidays and hope you didn't waste the vacation time ;3! I'll be on to update a bit more later so ja <333!
~Lil Bit~

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Monday, November 21, 2005

H'okay, if you want muh full weekend check out NaeNae's last update :p I'm too lazy to write all that! But anywho, we basically had a blast and now she's leaving this week and I'm leaving Sunday so I canna see her no mores ;-;. But I will miss you and ...duh, keep in touch! Ttyl <3! Much love n' stuffs!
~*Lil Bit*~

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   -Insert interesting subject here-
Yay! Okay, I'm finally in Doth. Actually I've been here for about a weeek x.x. BUT I have no internet at muh house here so thats why I haven't been online much.Sooooo anyway about two days ago I went to the snowcone place to see if I could some how get Nae's number and it's closed till March...*I have no luck* then Nae's computer gets screwed up *I think we're together on the no luck part cause my moms computer did the same thing as hers did and all my Jrock pics and PV's were on there -.-* But yeah..aside from that...not much has happened. I'll try to get back on later. Ja <333!
~Lil Bit~

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