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Friday, September 10, 2004

   ****Thanx for Over 300 Hits!!!***

LiL AnimE AngeL:Arigotou so much minna for over 300 hits! *throws comfetti* Invite ur pals to the party!

Sailor Mercury:We got cake to ur left, cookies to ur right, and...uh...*sees LiL AnimE AngeL with the empty plate that was supposed to be danish*

LiL AnimE AngeL: I can explain! *wipes danish off face*

Sailor Mercury: -_-;;; K...that leaves out the danish.

LiL AnimE AngeL: Oh yea, since we're having a party, when u post a comment, u can dedicate a bishie or bishojo. Just tell me their name and what show they're from (even if i kno where they're from ^^;;) Tommorow I'll put a pic up of ur person and ur name next to the pic. If someone has taken the bishie or bishojo you wanted, that's ok 'cause i'll add ur name next to that pic as well. K, bye for now!

Sailor Mercury: And try to get to the food faster then LiL AnimE AngeL or there'll be nothing left!

LiL AnimE AngeL: -_-;;;;

Sailor Mercury: ^^;;; Enjoy the party, minna!

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