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Hello.... as some of you might now I am Lloyd Irving4... this siste must be kept secret from everyone who goes to my school.... if any find out I'm screwed.... I made a new site because too many people knew my site and we're reading things they weren't meant to see.... like the poem i wrote that SOMEONE printed and showed everyone......
Oh well..... enjoy my poems, whining and complaining ^_^

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I love you
What more can I say?
How do I express these feelings?
How do I show you how much you mean to me?
Should I talk about a lake
Sun glistening over it
Tall green trees along the sides
Ripples in the water as fish swim by?
As beautiful a sight that may be
It's hardly even a fraction of you
So what can I say?
What are the right words?
What are they?
Should i talk about flowers?
How I could just smell them
A scent so sweet and warm
It brings a smile to my face.
A flowers scent doesn't affect me
The way your scent does
Are there any words
To express how I feel?
Are there?
How about when you cuddle up in bed
So soft and warm
You feel safe and know you can't be hurt
So comfortable that you fall asleep in seconds.
Not even that describes how I feel
Your touch means so much more to me
I guess all I can really say is:
You're the best thing life can provide.
The best.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some time to think this through
I'm not in the mood,
To deal with you.
I have problems of my own,
Such as finding out who.

I'm sorry if I hurt you,
I'm sorry for any pain.
I've gone down the wrong path before,
I don't want to again.

I never forced you to like me,
That doesn't mean i don't like you.
Just give me some time,
Some time to think this through.

I find you very nice,
And also very fun.
I'd rather you be happy,
Than to have you shun.

But I just don't know,
Please try to understand.
Believe me I'd be happy,
Just to hold your hand.

So please just forgive me,
I really do like you.
Please give me some time,
Some time to think this through.

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Are you happy now?
I was once happy
Then you came along
And ruined everything
Are you happy now?

You wish is was dead
So you say it to my face
Everything now shattered
Are you happy now?

Now i wish i was dead
My friends wish otherwise
But I ignore their wishes
Are you happy now?

Sleepless nights and constant thoughts
I don't know what to do
I get up out of bed and head to the kitchen
Are you happy now?

I open the draw and pull out a knife
Holding it above my head
Down it comes thrusting into my stomach
Are you happy now?

Covered in blood, my mother in tears
My friends against you
Hating you for what you did
Are you happy now?

Laying in a coffin, you come to see me
Realising your stupidity
In my hand you notice a note
"Are you happy now?"

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just Die
I have these reoccuring thoughts
Just two simple words
Haunting me
Taunting me
I want it to go
I don't want this pain
Whenever I get these thoughts
It's usually around the time
When I think of people
Not just any people
Certain family members
The one who betrayed me
People around me
Always putting me down
Why must it be like this?
What did I do?
Why am I blamed
For others misunderstanding?
I'm sick of it
Those reoccuring words
Swirling in my head
They won't stop
Just two simple words
Two little words
With a large impact
Why must this world be like this?
Forcing two words into my head
Two evil words
"Just Die"

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Teenage Life
Day after day
Continuous pain
Life goes on
The pain never ends
Pointless labels
Being casted away
Just for being different
Some know love
Others think they do
Some are absolutely clueless
Suicide rates
Due to inconsiderante people
Or family affairs
Drug intake
From peer pressure
Or thinking it's 'cool'
Some are mature
The rest immature
Then again they're only young
You still have alot to learn
In a teenage life.

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Monday, April 3, 2006

My body
My hair
Run you hands through it
My eyes
Always looking for you
My nose
Nuzzling against yours
My lips
Soothing your soul
My tongue
Investigating your mouth
My shoulders
Rest your head and rid your worries
My arms
Wrapped around you
My hands
Clutching onto yours
My fingers
Running along you smooth skin
My chest
Run your fingers along it
My stomach
Lay your head and sleep
My legs
Running towards you
My knees
Begging for you
My feet
Will never trample you
My heart
Always logs for you
My body
Everything of it needs you.

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