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Friday, March 21, 2008

   So bored...

hey everyone! hows it going? pretty good here.
so yeah, haven't been here in a couple of days and i really needed to answer those questions before i got busy with spring break homework and easter.
ok, on to the answers!

have you ever felt attracted to a woman? from Bou Chan

yes i have actually ^ ^. i remember i really liked this girl once in middle school and i told her i liked her, and she thought i was the creepiest person ever. she told everyone i was some freak and stopped talking to me. i still remember her name: Kristian Groves. after that, if i liked a girl, i never told her or anyone about it. even my friends at the time thought it was weird. gosh, i sure love high school compared to middle school XD

What do people do that pisses you off the most? from Nana Osaki

i hate it when people laugh at me. that's the one thing that makes me so mad. i've had people laugh at me in the hall at school or something because of my sometimes "wild" hair or the stuff i wear. i dunno, it just irks me.

haha, only 2 questions XD. well their done with ^ ^.
i've been listening to Tokio Hotel, much to the dismay of alex, and i drew a picture of the lead singer, Bill, and posted it on youtube as a speed painting, i'm super happy with it, it was fun. please watch the video and tell me what you think X3!


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