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Sunday, March 9, 2008

   back again

Hey everyone!
hows it going? pretty good here. gah, my internet has been acting like a bitch lately! i couldn't even do my layout for bou's contest TT.TT....
hmm...so yeah, been a little under the weather today at home. i FINALLY got my senior ring! its really pretty. its got this weird shooting star in the middle of this blue stone, then its got the korean flag on one side and the japanese on the other. it also has "Dongbangshinki" and some hearts engraved on the inside. haha, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with my school XD.
also, since i had nothing to do today, was watching the coffee prince and goong eps. that i had on my computer. man, i forgot how much i loved goong :3, and yoon eun hye. so i drew a picture of her! I had seen this video on youtube of this person drawing with mascara, so i did a quick, and messy, portrait of yoon eun hye with mascara and eyeliner, it was interesting...i'll never work with it again XD. heres a picture of it if you wanna see how it came out.
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well, i better be going, i'm SOOO hungry i'm about to die X3!

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