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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hihi! How's everyone been? I'm sorry that I haven't updated in sooooo long, but I'm finally on holiday now (for three whole months!), so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me and my artwork during this time! *fingers crossed* :p Anywho, does anybody remember me saying something about a fanmanga/doujin? I admit I kind of shelved the idea and haven't done anything on it for almost half a year now, but I've finally decided to start it! So I'm hoping for lots of support from you! Anyways, I haven't done anything except the cover page for now, but if you want to take a peek at the cover page to see what the male and female leads look like, then follow this link:


That's all from me for now! Look out for updates of the manga...if you're interested in following it!

Ciao ^^

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