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Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Post from my myspace.

Oh my gawd, the game last night failed. I failed too, but that's not something unusual. For some odd reason I started freaking out. Don't know why, don't wanna know why. Yesterday, I had this headache that seemed to linger about during the day, by the time we were loading the buses for the game, I felt like my head was going to explode. Me, being stupid, decides that I need not take anything, perhaps I was just nervous. Whatever. Maybe I was, I also had a lot on my mind. Every single noise in that stadium seemed to be magnified. I still would of performed had it not been for me forgetting pieces of the routine. I didn't want to look like more of an idiot on field, let alone pass out. Stupid call, stupid me. D:

My grades are slipping. Sort of. I know I can bring them up if I really put effort into it, but I still am not sure what I'm going to do about. Duh, work harder. At least I got out of my MacroEconomics AP class. It was so freaking hard, I always fell asleep and the sentence structure and word choice was N O T english. Fuck, I'm not even going to need that class with what I want to do. If I ever want to make my own business, then fine, I'll take it then, not now when I'm only going to forget it anyway. DD; Anyway, I got into Theatre Arts 1. :D I love the class, and I know some of the people in the class, so that beats being stuck with a whole bunch of seniors I don't know. We're doing pantomimes right now. I love it, especially since I get to recreate a DragonBall Z scene. xDD; Funfun.

I dunno. Homecoming is coming up soon...I want to go, but none of my friends are really into it. Not like I care, I like dancing and I'll go regardless if I know anyone there or not. That's not the problem, the problem is that I would definitely ask someone to go, but that would be impossible, for a few reason. Sometimes, I hate liking someone, but notrly. xD That makes no sense, but it does for me. I really care about this person, and I always try my best to make sure they're happy. Hell, I have a problem with spoiling them too. xD I spoil all my friends, because they're the closest things I've got a to a family system. I dunno, it just bugs, because I don't know what to say or maybe I do, and I'm just afraid to say it. =..

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