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Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Time: 11:02

Music: Passion

By: Hikaru Utada

Mood: Bahergerg.


Omoidaseba haruka haruka
Mirai wa doko made mo kagayaiteta
Kirei na aozora no shita de
Bokura wa sukoshi dake obiete ita

Natsukashii iro ni mado go somaru

Mae wo muitereba
Mata aemasu ka
Mirai wa doko e demo tsudzuiteru 'n da
Ooki na kanban no shita de
Jidai no utsuroi wo mite itai na

Nido to aenu
Hito ni basho ni
Mado wo akeru

Omoidaseba haruka haruka
Mirai wa doko made mo kagayaiteta
Kirei na aozora no shita de
Bokura wa itsumademo nemutte ita

Zutto mae ni suki datta hito
Fuyu ni kodomo ga umareru sou da
Mukashi kara no kimari goto wo
Tama ni utagaitaku naru yo
Zutto wasurerarenakatta no
Nengajou wa shashin tsuki kana
Watashitachi ni dekinakatta koto wo
Totemo natsukashiku omou yo

*My fears are lies
Aozora no shita de


For once I don't have to think aboot a stupid project or much of anything related to school. I shot my brain off for this week. Show me anything to do with numbers or reading and it will all be foreign to me.

Siris: Wasn't it already like that?

True, but during the months of school I usually retain enough to stay in the top ten percent, and now I can not do anything for a week. Can you say toga party with porn included?!

Siris: I won't let you do something that crazy.

Uh-huh. *holds up pictures from last post* Oh look what we have here, is that-

Siris: Okay, okay. *covers Lemony's mouth*

Oh yeah!

Well, today I got bored enough to start thinking about how it was when I wasn't bored, like when life used to be field with the hurrying of homework to go play outside. Being since I hadn't ridden my bike in forever, I decided to do so. Krystina was really bored so I met up with her and we rode around and hung out. Was fun. I almost flew head first off my bike, but it was fun. Ever since I broke my arm really bad from riding the same bike, I'm a little cautious when riding. We went to the park, and there were many climbing trees, swings, 'n such. I used to be all over everything, but when climbing a tree now it's like, "Do I want to risk climbing this tree? I wouldn't be able to play DDR, screw you tree." Look at what life has done to me. Afterwards, we watched and made fun of HP and then her brothers and dad came home and we all went to Chili's. Now that I think about it, that was my first time at Chili's. I don't go out to eat much.

Siris: You're more active then some of the people I've seen you hang with.


I also moved some pictures around and put up another poster up on my wall when I realized it would cover the wall perfectly. Then I spent a great deal of time downloading and reorganizing my pictures. Woo, found a lot of icons that I like. Yeah, pretty interesting day, right?

Siris: I think so.

Of course you do. What do you do all day?

Siris: Well, I still working on stealing the Declaration of Independence.

o_o You worry me.

Siris: Are you doubting my abilities as a thief.

No, just...why that of all things?

Siris: Well, I had a dream that there was a secret map on the back leading to the treasure.

I think you've seen National Treasure one to many times. And what might said treasure be?

Siris: That...I don't know, but I do know that you're going to help, right?

Me? An accomplice? No!

Siris: But...

What did I say about saying but?

Siris: *sits on bed and pulls out pictures*

xD, oh come on. I think Kawaii Seth's right, those are naughty pictures, aren't they my little thief?

Siris: Maybe...maybe not.

Can I see?

Siris: No.


Siris: Fine.

Let me stop this before it escalates any further.

.....Random Question.....

What pictures do you think Siris is looking at?

Siris: *blink bink* You can't ask that.

Just did.

Siris: Bu- Damnit.

Lemony Slash <3

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