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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hey hey now! I biught Moon Child and you didn't! HA! Would you like to watch it?! WELL YOU CANT BECAUSE ITS MINE!!

ahem. Did I mention Moon Child is mine? Ah, its so sad at the end though. I just kept sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. And then I cried when Gackts friend got shot and he was talking about his mom coming to get him T-T So sad

Ahem again. I un Moon Child related news, I had no idea so many people loved Darth Vader. Its creepin me out...

Man I love that song at the begining of Chobits. I happen to be listening to it as I type. Because I'm watching chobits.

Damn I want some pancakes! My sister has pancakes damn it! Ill I have is marshmellows slim jims and hot fries >_<

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

   Well... I've had 400 visits. Huzzah!

I watched Gravitation today. Good times, goooood times. Its on the Anime Network! Yatta!

Moving on to a less happy subject, in fact its a downright deppressing one, Winamp doesn't work and now I can't listen to the huundreds of songs I've downloaded and I've gone two days without music and Im an inch away from suicide. But you can help. Yes, you! You can help a poor deppressed young woman, by buying her cds and using paypal to give them to her for a meer... how ever much the cd costs. Dont you wanna help? I think you need this, cuz I dont see you mailing money to those starving kids in Africa... tsk-tsk...

Be a good person, help a poor little girl listen to JRock.

~Paid for by the Give a Starving Child JRock Foundation. Addintional founding from the Send Jellyfish Aidnamir Martini Zenitram to Japan foundation. And veiwers like you.

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Monday, October 11, 2004


Ok like, super exciting news. my computer was like being a bitch and wouldn't let me log on and so now I can.

ooo rice...

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

Grrr. I wanted to put this in my intro, but apparantly unauthorized access was detected. So I'll put it here-

And I was going to put a background image too, but god and Adam hate me so...

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Mother facker!! When I try to change my profile it tells me unauthorized access detected! GRRR! Why does myotaku have to be such an ass head sometimes!?! ADAM YOU ASS HEAD!!!
Im mad... In case you didn't notice >_<

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I want this one song by Green Day but I forgot what its called but its like beautiful and like the only songs I can find by them are Brain Stew and American Idiot... One of which sucks. I wont say which. It knows who it is. It knows all their newer stuff sucks.

But enough about Green Day, lets talk about my background. Its TRIPOD!! I know I prolly should change it, but everytime I like am about to get a new picture, my brain strokes off and I get distracted by viberating lattes and sparkles and rainbows and Kyo...

When I hear "Vibratting Latte" I used to think of rainows and sparkles and Kyo and Ryutaro. Now I think of a latte on a silver table and its all "ggggggg" You know the vibrating noise? Anyway its all "ggggg, I got the chills" And its little arms are wrapped around it. I know Im so retarded.

We're outof dog food and my wittle itty bitty chihhuahua is like jumping up and down on the empty bag and its like making a ruckus. Keep in mind it is now 2.12 am and the elderly are asleep.

So Ill go look for a picture but get distracted by Kyo and Ryutaro and coke a dick vibratting lattes.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Damn! My background turned into the damn tripod thing >_< Oh but dont you worry, Ill get a new one! A better one! You best believe that!!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Are you a Seme or Uke?

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Theres a tornado about!! Ok, these tornado reports are unconfirmed, but as I live an inch away from where people say they saw it, Im like frakin out man.

In unrelated news, I downloaded the Pink Spider video and it disturbed the crap out of me. It was all cool except for the naked lady touching herself. I didn't need to see that. She was like third world ugly too. Then she jumped off a building and Im like thank god! She needed to die because her nose took up the whole screen and I couldn't see hide.

In partially related newa, I downloaded this video, I think its called Kuuchu Buranko by Kana and I was like "...woah" Kana is like an incredibally adorable Bjork. She sang al annoying just like her, and her video was... odd just like Bjorks are. And then there was a panda and it was wearing bandages and it flew away and then Kana crawled on the ground a little more and it was over...

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   Man I had a weird ass dream

I dreamt I was in my bedroom with the computer which is usually in the living room, and all these weird 80's songs were playing, some of which Im sure didn't exsist, and my aunt was in there looking at them and when I went in there Im all, "... Those aren't mine... They're Tess'"

Then alluva sudden my mind turned into the computer screen and I was at Live Journal thang, and I was looking at Gackt's and Hyde's and Izam's accounts...

Then I was in a car and me and Gackt and Hyde and Izam were all in the backseat, and my little sister was driving, and then my mom popped out of nowhere and shes all, "Izam, guess who loves you?" And I got all nervous and Im all, "Tess does!!" and Izams all... actually none of them talked but Izam was like making a face thats all, "o.... k..."

And then I was standing in front of a moat and on the other sideof the moat was Izam standing at the front door of his mansion watching me, and out of nowhere a sign appeared on the ground and it had Hyde's barbwire necklace on it and its al "Caution, Do not wear pants exeedingly" so I took my pants off and my mom started laughing at me and then I woke up.


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