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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Reborn with a silver Twinkie in my mouth of CAvity Courses!
The LEgacyof Life

Hello my demonic, and angelic brothers and sistas from the realms of Heaven and Hell.

Ok, enough of that. How's it going? Been a while hasn't it? I've been running around looking for a job and trying to get my life in order. I like how shitty workers get hired, and I don't. It seems as though employers love to get non-hard working fuckers to work, and I get the "We'll call you(meaning NEVER)." Oh well, I'm still fighting and searching. I have to postpone lots of Ideas I and planned to do. Like, web-comic, music making, and forming a BAnd. That's about all I really want to reveal so far.

In between the searching and murdering. I got to play some cool games. I beat Devil May Cry 4, Turok( xbox 360), Prey, Dead Rising(got the TRUE ending), and Call of Duty 4. Call of Duty 4 is probably the best multiplayer shooter I ever played. I also got the cnahce to try out "The Orange Box." Team Fortress 2 is simply amazing.

I also started to get into a band called "The Kinks". They made the song "You really got me", but I like their later period better. It just sounds better to me. I recommend the song "Strangers" by them. I also got into "The JAm". I love the bass players style and sound. They are like punk/new wave. Check em out.

The Future
When I eventually get a scanner, expect to see more drawings and soon my web-comic come to life. Also, when I get time...my musical project.

Till next time,

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