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Welcome to Lee's site. To be truthfull this is the third account I have had on MyO, I used to have a really nce account with I high rank but like an idiot I deleted it XP, oh well no use crying over spilt milk eh, anywho for the most important any one who signs my guest book will be signed in return, so those GB whores out there come and sign me ^.~

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amoungst the emotion
My life has been.....very erratic lately....I come to the otaku very rarely as I feel out of place in it, though I miss my sister and my friends so much, I guess Im just getting old...
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Im back!!
I had a blast everyone ^_^, I went swimming t this water park/hotel. I promise you this place had to be at least a billion dollars to make, plants, pools, fountians, EVERYWHERE. They even had these out door fireplaces where there was a live fire constantly which is beyond awesome because when you get out of the pool who doesnt want to cuddle up with a warm fire right, and the most awesome thing about that is there was a vaccum above the fire so most of the extra heat was removed so you could stick your hand like two inches from the fire and not be badly burned, it was amazing ^_^, even though I couldnt find a dressing room and I kinda had to get naked in public >.>;; but no worries I covered myself as best I could ^^;;. Anyways I see you all missed me terribly you guys left me tons of comments XD, oh well I guess I need to go around myO and find some new ones again. Anyways that was my weekend and I had a blast

Talk to you guys later

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

KAWAII!!!! ^-^
I will explain the title of my post in a moment but first I must tell my friends of my events to come today. I will be going to a resort called the legacy where I will work out and swim all day ^-^. Which is awesome cause then I will be getting off my butt. Oh besides that Im thinking if I got that job I should be getting there call any day now, I really hope I got it cause this kind of job is ideal for me, I love video games, so I would be the ideal video salesmen you know. Anywho Im confident he will give me a call.

Anywho, for any and all final fantasy fans I have a very kawaii link here ^-^, I suggest even people who hate final fantasy come take a look, its very cute. Know for those of you with a slow computer and dail up it will take a few moments but it will be worth it, I have watched this myself over and over again.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Its a bird...its a plane...no its....the geico insurance gecko o.O
Yeah I dont know either I just thought it would be funny...o.O anywho this would be my second post...ah it does bring back memories...this site is alot like my old one...almost identical, minuse the extra images and such. Anywho guess who went to a job interview today ^_^. I think I did a really good job now god willing I will have an awesome job by next week, and I would love that. Anyways sinces there is only one person that knows the old me I just wanna tell her I have been keeping up with my kendo and I have gotten much better. Anywho thats enough outta me, have fun everyone ^_^
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

K Im new
Its my first day here guys, why dontcha make me feel welcome with some of that good ol' myO magic ^^
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