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Whoohoo, I'm here, baby! After many,many hours of sweat,tears,ink, and eraser shavings, I am an otaku! Hi, I'm Cat(real part of first name)and I wanna have a great time here. Give me advice when you think I need it. Thanks~=^_^=

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

   I have died and gone to Heaven...And Hell
...or so it seems! Just a drabble on my trip across the Carribean during Spring Break! Be jealous One Piece fans, for I have seen LUFFY AND ACE!!! Okay, two guys that looked like them. They were playing ping pong on the deck below me, get this, the guy that looked like Ace smiled and waved at me!! I'm pretty sure I had a nosebleed... To top it all off, the Luffy-guy even had on a red shirt and blue pants! That's so awesome! AWESOME!! XDDDD

Aside from my spaz, I went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel(Mexico), and Key West(Florida). Oh! I also went to Hell! Pretty cool, I got a bumper sticker XD. It's just a rock formation on Grand Cayman, but I call it home:) Key West ROOOOOOOCKED!! The only downsides were that Cozumel was grungy, I got a baaaad sunburn, and my sofa-bed broke in the middle of the night(with me in it)! All in all, pretty fun. If I haven't answered your messages, that's where I've been. Hehehe.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   Back from Momocon!
PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!! I'm tired! Honestly, when you go shopping for posters, figurines, and...Stuff! It exhausting! I really hope I met some Otakus there. Really, you can't miss me. If you saw me hugging Ls', glomping Ichigos', or singing the "Cloud Song"...Hi, that was me! I went cosplaying as L and LOVED it! We got quite a scare when we got multiple tornado warnings, huge hail, and crazed taxi drivers trying to kill us. Man, it was still fun. We'll try to go home tomorrow, and maybe,MAYBE we'll go back...in a couple of months. My mom is pretty shook up from the weather and city life, so we'll come back when the time's better. I got my picture taken with Alucard, Ceres, Shrodinger(he hugged me XD), Matt, Ichigo, Tyki Mikk, Kurogane, Nell, Axel, and manyMANY others! Things went pretty well aside from traffic. I also bought a pair of black, wooden, neko ears! Mein Gott, they're kawaii! Momocon '08 rocked. I hope that I'll get to go to other cons SOON! Later, Otakus~!
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   Web Help
Uh.....Help Pleeze? Does ANYONE know of any good music code sites that play on Otaku standards? I really want some songs here. Thanks, guys.
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