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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   Earthly Troubles
How can I hear with all the noise?
The cars driving so fast down the road
As I sit outside and try to listen to nature's rhythm.
The rushing of the wind is barely hear anymore,
The rushing of the people is just far too loud!

A pretty sound the falling rain,
But it is lost in all the human turmoil.
It is madness!
(The madness of the world)
How do we expect to live in a world
That we do not even understand?

Does anyone try to listen?
God's word tells us to!
"Where is He now?" they ask.
If people would only listen,
They could hear to know
He is right here!
He is always here!

For all the talking people,
All the electric 'gods',
All the sounds of the humans drown Him out...
If only we would listen, only try to hear...
If only we would read, only try to understand...
If only we would pray, only try to reach out...
If all the worldly people, would stop and listen in...
They would find the answers to all their questions and problems.
They would finally know the reasons for all their Earthly troubles.

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   A Memory...
Lost in this world full of hate, full of strife.
Lured into fantasies, just to escape, just to survive.
What happened to happiness? Where did it go?
Taken away...It followed when you left...
Death is forgiving, though life never ceasing...
Put me out of my misery...

Love never-ending, though scorned and unaccepting...
Put me away, safe, but oh so dreary.
Keep me where it rains, it will hide all the pains.
Who would know if I'm crying?
Not a soul, ne'er a one.

The fantasies I treasure, keep me from insanity.
They take all my pain and hide it away.
Broken in my grief, my heart, it did die...
True love is nothing but a memory to me...
Let it fade, let me go...
Let me die all the way.
There is nothing left holding my stay...
You, the one I trusted best,
Turned your back on me when I needed you most...
So, if it's all the same to you,
Please...Let me fade to naught but a memory...

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