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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Here am I
The man with the life of a namless peasant.
I feel the need to speak
Yet only with the fear that you will refuse to hear
Nor shall you attempt to comprehend.
As I draw close
Your vain pushes us farther apart
With every small step
I lose balance and Shatter.
Yet now, had you just now asked for me
With the want to hear from me?
You look at me when I tell you,
With every deep emotion lacerated on the skin of my slow beating heart,
That a life without love
Is not much a life at all.
So, I need not life to life but you.
Yet your pride is so strong,
And I am left-rejected within the apitamy of my despair.
Now, you carry the burdon of my tears,
The burdon of my Anguish.
And as I leave you with this final goodbye
Soon you shall be carrying the burdon of that namless soul
Whose life was your love,
Whose death was of your Malice.

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