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Hi, this would be my lovely profile, nice huh? I'm currently 16, and about five three (( having grown two inches in almost a year!!! yay!)) I believe firmly in the golden rule, and try my best to live by it, of course I'm only human though, so somtimes I mess up. Thats ok though because I have some great freinds to help me when I do, like Emptyhead84, and Forevergone.

I Love animals and currently own a siamese cat called Siam ( Sy, ( pronounced Sai, for short), and a Corgi, named Bugsy. I used to own a snake, but I let my animal behaviour teacher have him, so now he helps teenagers how to respect wildlife ^-^. Together with my family though, we have four dogs and two cats. I also work at a Barn, with horses and things. I love chocolate, espessally dark and truffle, and though I wouldn't call it an addiction, my freinds might.
All, in all, I'm sometimes nutty, sometimes serious, shy, outgoing, and motherly sometimes too I'm told. I'm a walking contridiction, and proud of it. I'm also one of the few happy people left in the world.

P.S. I'm going to save the world. From what? I don't know. But I am.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ATTENTION!!!! All my stories are on Hiatus. But not permenently, Only until I can draw enough of the pages to update once a week on a normal bases. I Will also possibly be redrawing I'm Just a SunShine Lover.

Progress: Page Four complete. Page five in progress.
Manga: A hopefully even mix between shoujo and shounen(sp), manga, it features multiple anime cross overs. Based on Jumanji and Zuthara, this manga explores the idea of a game about manga that comes to life. Features girls with furry tails and ears, girls turning into ninja, girls turning into magical girls, guys turning into girls, and guys turning into cute fluffy creatures, crushes,curses, fangirls, fights, deaths, coming-back-to-lifes, and your all time favrite anime cliche's and characteres coming to life.

Rated T for Teen.

I'm Just a SunShine Lover-
Progress: Third Page complete, fourth inprogress
Manga: A colection of shoujo styled short comics featuring the same two characters, romantic, cute and funny, though sometimes sad. The stories are out of order, and it is left up to your imagination to put the pieces of the puzzle together, as the begining short comic features a near suicide. But don't let the begining fool you, this isn't a comic for emo's. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet, it's a comic for anyone who wants a satifyingly good read, that will make them laugh, sniffle, and laugh once again.

Rated. T for Teen

Possibly coming soon to the Otaku near you!

I Choose you!-
Progress: Possibility
Manga: A shoujo styled manga. What would the lamest super power be? I'm sure your all thinking about them now, but I can tell you your wrong. The lamest super power of all belongs to Opal Christen, and the super power she has? The ability to give other people super powers. So what happens when she accidently creates a super villian? She has to create a super hero of course! Filled with comedic action, awkward situations, and a pinch of romance.

Rated. G. general audiences

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