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Hello! I'm Larele from GaiaOnline. I've actually been a member of MyOtaku before from 10/22/05 as BNCF shadow star but had lost my old e-mail and password. Now I am back to see old friends and maybe meet new ones. ^^ If you are one of my past friends please do not hesitate to pm me from MyO or Gaia (if you still want to be friends that is), it would be great to hear from you! =D

17 and 7, not 24
I'm an aspie; I have Asperger's Syndrome
I love to make clouds. <33 I'll show some later (besides Spirit- the bird in my avatar, and my background; Sunset Mountains-both I intend to paint in acrylics soon ^^)
When talking to you please be aware that I tend to feel out of place..so I might leave a chat..but may come back later if I'm permitted.

btw thanks much to Koneako and her site for code help and stuff!

Friday, January 4, 2008

How about some music! <33

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