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Hiya! I'm Lare! Thanks for visiting my site. If you have time, take a look at my portfolio^^ TRADES AND REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW!!! Please sign my guestbook, and I promise to return the favor^.^ Enjoy your stay XD!!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

   Finally an update! XD
heh, and I don't know what to say ^^;

I wish I could get more art out. I've been having issues working around marching band >.> Got early practices Tuesdays and Thursdays and they wipe me out ._. And then we're doing home improvement around here and that consumes a lot too D: it's not fair. I want to draw so many gifties T.T

*sigh* busy busy summer...*shakes head* I don't have time -_- Got college planning, marching band, band camp, family vacation to prepare, a college portfolio so magically make, money to find for a new trumpet, money to find to actually be able to take a vacation/pay for band camp, and i still want to spend time with my friends...and it's not working out. Too much stress.

I need my Happy Tea. XD Organic St. John's Wort is naturally a mild sedative =D

Anywho...thank you to everyone who's been there for me and allowed me to talk to them =3 I know you heard this on dA, but I'll say it again, because I want you to know how much those little comments meant to me :D And thanks so much for teh gifties =3 they make me feel so happy ^^

I hope all is well with you guys. What's been goin on? ^-^

I'll tty guys later :D PM me if you ever feel like it X3

*luffles teh friends*

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

   Can't wait for KoolAid's contest results
I don't expect to place, but I wanna see if there's any way she can choose through all of the amazing entries! You guys are amazing!

Well, my contest is gonna come up soon. I think I'll start it next week or something. maybe the 18th? does that sound good to you guys? well, it'd be for a long time too. like almost a month or so-to give you guys time. i'll tell you what it's about in the next post. sometime later in the week.^-^

I know this is off-topic, but is anyone else SICK AND TIRED of the stupid Naruto fad going on? Everyday I look on the featured fan art and more than half of it is stupid Naruto fan art! and not to be mean, but most of that stuff doesn't deserve to be featured. I used to like the show a long time ago, but now it's gotten way out of hand. it's getting old. and i'm tired of seeing the featured fan art full of stupid Naruto drawings. Sorry if you're a Naruto fan, but I just had to get this little rant out. I mean, I can make the most retarded looking drawing of Naruto, and because it's Naruto, it will get votes. That's what I don't like. Even some of the fans have to agree that most of the fan art of the show that gets up there really doesn't deserve it. Sorry again for my rant. it's just getting to be intolerable to me. sorry.

well, anyways, to end on a better note, I did submit Anjii's contest yesterday...well, today at four in the morning...I dunno if I'm disqualified for that or not, but eh. it's done and it's in, so it's up to KoolAid if she includes it in judging or not. ^-^

hope you guys are doing well. Oh, make sure you wish all the moms in your life a very Happy Mother's Day!!!! they deserve it, huh? ^^

Koolaid Guy Contest Entry

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Friday, May 11, 2007

you may be wondering about the rabid pikachu on my page now. and no, i don't mean the actual background XD i mean the one that's actually posted up there somewhere. well, the story behind that is odd. it's actually a Zombie Pikachu. Me and my best buddy Zach were hanging out at my house and he wanted to try out my tablet/Photoshop. so after a while, he asked me to draw him a zombie. and the only zombie i could think about was a Zombie Pikachu, so that's what i made XD i know it's really ghetto. that's cuz it was fast and for fun. and yes, he was eating a baby. i know, that's horrible of me, but that baby had no name.

like that even makes sense.

anyways, today, i'm stuck home alone with my evil siblings cuz i have to watch the demonic things O.o well, i suppose i'm not alone, then, am i? i wish...but today, i NEED to finish, or at least get close to finishing KoolAid Guy's contest pic. i'm a stupid slacker and it's not close to being done yet. but it will get done. i promise, Ang!

oh, and i want you guys to pray for RootOfAllEvil and her friend, Rebekah, and her family. Something really bad happened, and they just need some kind of support...if you are really curious as to what happened, then i suppose you can visit ROAE's site. Just keep them in your thoughts...

see? i look at sites, but i just don't find the time to comment...i feel really bad, but at least you know that i know what's going on in most of your guys' life....i just can't comment because my life is hell around here right now...all of you stay safe and have a wonderful weekend. ^-^

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