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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Hoorah for the Year of the Mouse
sure hope that everyone's new years is good excellent. I just got a couple calls from my friends from Japan. Who had their new years yesterday and it was pretty epic so they say.

Well I'm clebrating my new Years JAPANESE STYLE!! We're goin back to the roots. xDD

So anyway.. I'llpost a video of all the stupid amount of fireworks that we popped.

So, I wish that everyon have a great new year and may each and every single one of you all be blessed!! :3

I wish the best of luck to everyone I know, love and adore!!!

So, I remembered it was the year of the mouse/rat and I laughed at the thought because I am the year of the snake and I automatically thought of Yuki and Ayame from Fruits Basket. :3

So yeah, I hope that everyone is doing there thing and being awesome!!! =D

I'm really sad that I can't really make any personal messgaes to people, becuase a lot of the people I talked to on ere, are never online anymore or they moved to different art sites. And I do have to admit, it's prety lonely on TheOtaku now.. T_T

So Happy new years to all and may you all have a great 2008.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

   So I was bored
And I totaled up my views, as in how many times all my pictures were viewed...

They were viewed a grand total of...

20,685 times.

98 views per picture

1211 votes total

5 votes per picture

and I have 210 pictures total...

It took a long ass time to sit here with a calculator and add everything yup.. I think I'm getting carpoltunnel from all this typing!!

So I was excited I didn't expect the numbers to be that high!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

   Eh... I might leave the otaku. D:
I have so many different accounts on so many different websites.. I think I might leave theotaku. D: I can't keep up very well... eh...

I would be veyr sda to leave since I've been here for like.. I think I'm going on five years.. which is like woah!!! D:

bah.. I won't leave until I am sure about it.. but dude that means deleting oiver a 100 pieces of art. D: shit

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Monday, October 8, 2007

   Comment Reel
While I was looking on Sheezy art I came across a comment reel that someone did. SonicRocksMySocks has inspired me to do a comment reel as well. XP

So.. I will be grabbing all my very entertaining comments off of Devinatart, Sheezy Art and TheOtaku. :3

Yes... So... that's one of the next things I shall be working on. :3

~ Me

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