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Thursday, April 20, 2006

health project...

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Current Mood: Disgusted.
Currently Listening to: Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
Current Time: 5:09 pm

Aggggggggh. I hate Health class. I really do. I have a 300 point project due tomorrow, and I'm sort of just starting. I mean, I have most of my information, but then I have to write an outline, write a story pertaining to my topic, and create a visual aid. I'll be working on this little fucker all night!!! >_<;;;

Every Junior in Health right now is stressing about this bad boy. Everyone's bitching. People are even skipping school tomorrow just so they can have the weekend to work on it. I wish I could...but unfortunately, my parents aren't that generous. -_-'

But seriously. You'd think that the Health teachers would give us more than a week to do such a huge project. O_o;;

Whatever. Moving on. Last night provided more surprises. It so turns out that my dad did get me an Easter gift...the last volume of Cowboy Bebop!!! Now I finally have all 6 DVDs. I'm so excited to watch them all. I'll ask if my dad wants to watch them with me. Although not a big anime lover, Dad has taken a liking to the Bebop-sters. XP

And then, my dad told me that he's participating in a contest at his job. He has to sell so many parts (he works at a car dealership), and then he gets to log on to this website to pick a prize. Well, last night my dad won a free iPod! So now there will be two iPods in the family. Unfortunately, we only have one computer, so we're going to have to figure out some way for my dad to download songs since iTunes is only compatible with one iPod.

Kissing. That topic came up again between me and Nathan (the boyfriend). No, we still haven't kissed yet. And it will soon be 6 months. The poor guy just isn't ready. But he did say that when he does kiss me, he doesn't want me to make a big deal about it. I wondered what he meant by a big deal, and he said to not be all like "You FINALLY kissed me!!" and I said that all good things take time, so of course I wouldn't. He just smiled. But I really hope he kisses me soon. For some reason, ever since we started talking about kisses, I've wanted him to kiss me so bad. I've had dreams of him kissing me almost every night. Weird, I know. But I think it's coming soon. Hopefully.

Me, him, and his friend Kenny are getting together this weekend to work on an art project. Kenny will probably force us to kiss then. It'll be interesting, indeed.

Well, I better get working. No promises on visits until I make some good headway. Take care everyone!


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

all better. ^_^

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I'm currently feeling: Loved. =^_^=
Currently Listening to: Survivor by Destiny's Child
Current Time: 4:23 pm

*wraps everyone into one big, gigantic hug* Wow!! Thank you everyone so much for the wonderful comments yesterday! It's awesome knowing that I have so many lovely friends who care about me. I really hope I can be of the same help to everyone also. ^_^

It's people like you guys who make life beautiful.

It's also really amazing how when you're down and depressed, strange miracles happen to make you feel better. For instance...after I had got done posting and had started my homework, my dad came inside from switching the cars around in the drive way. In his hand, he was holding a silver Gameboy SP. I just stared as he told me he found it laying in my mother's car. It turns out that my grandfather had found it the day before while he was taking a walk through his developement, and he gave it to my mom to give it to me. So I now have a FREE Gameboy SP!!! I was so extremely happy--I've always wanted one!! That really changed my mood around.

Then, later that evening, Bri came over and we went out and about for an hour and just talked about things. I feel so blessed to have her by my side.

So all in all, I cheered up quite a bit because of those three things: you guys, the free SP, and spending some quality time with my best friend.

I'm not going to let petty things like fake people bother me. ^_^

Well, since yesterday's post was uber long, I'll end this one now. Sorry if I didn't get to everyone yesterday. On school nights I'm just so pressed for time, so I have to hurry with the posting, visiting, and commenting. It's not that I'm ignoring anyone on purpose, so PLEASE don't hate me!!!

Thanks again, everyone! I love you all!!


[EDIT]: I've been 17 for a month today! Wheee! Haha.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

what the hell is going on here?

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Current Mood: Upset/Hurt/Angry/Depressed
Currently Listening to: Just the Girl by the Click Five
Current Time: 4:11 pm

First day back to school was not the best, let me tell you. Everything is so fucked up. It's not cool. Not cool at all.

Let me just say this first: I care about my friends more than anything. They are more dear to me than any material possession that I own. Although I may not act like I care at times, I truly do care. I would take any pain for my friends, just as long as they are happy. Because seeing them hurt makes me equally as hurt.

Anyway. When I first arrived at school, my friend Amber came up to me. And I could tell something was wrong. She wasn't wearing her usual makeup, and it looked as if she were ready to cry. Then she told me that her boyfriend of almost a year dumped her. I just embraced her and listen to her sorrow. After talking to her, I knew the day was going to be a bad one.

How right I was. After hanging out with my boyfriend in the morning, I found Jared. The guy I secretly have feelings for. And it turns out him and his girlfriend are having problems as well. And I'm telling you, Jared is one of the most cheerful, sweetest guys I know. But not today. He was just down in the dumps, not laughing, not joking around. Even he looked like he would cry.

So here we are, 2nd period, and I'm already depressed because of my friends' pain. Then, Chemistry rolls around, and I start feeling more like shit. For Chem lab, I got paired up with the prettiest, preppiest girl in the class: Carly. And I'm just standing there. Staring at her. Comparing her looks with mine. Here I am, wearing torn jeans, beat up converse, an old sweatshirt, no makeup, my hair thrown up into a messy ponytail. Carly does not have a strand of hair out of place. Her toes and fingers are painted perfectly. Not a spot of dirt is on her designer clothes.

And although I'm not one to compare myself to others or care what other people think, I couldn't help feeling ugly and unfeminine next to someone who is the epiphany of gorgeous. And what sickened me the most was that she was so nice. If she had been a snobby bitch, I would have felt better about things. -_-'

Probably the WORST thing that happened all day was what happened to my one dear friend over the weekend. I don't want to go into details about this one. But, let's just say that I was hurt beyond belief. This girl acts so sweet and genuine in front of me. But, behind my back, with other people, she acts totally different, almost vulgar. It's like...can't you be honest with me? I thought we were close friends. You don't have to be someone you're not just to please me and my beliefs. I won't hate you. But doing such disgusting things behind my back makes me think less of you, yes.

Bri was the one who cheered me up. I love her. I really do. Sometimes she can make me want to rip my hair out. But 99.999% of the time she is there for me. Loving me. Supporting me. Listening to me cry. If it weren't for her, I don't think I'd be sitting here typing this right now. That's why she's my best friend.

I'm sorry for such a long post. *passes out pocky* Thanks for listening and caring. I love you all, even though I can't see you, can't touch you. You guys really are awesome. ^_^


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Monday, April 17, 2006

happy belated Easter to those who celebrate!

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Current Mood: Wistful...
Currently Listening to: Macarena By del los Rios
Current Time: 9:31 am

Yeah, that's right, I'm listening to the Macarena. Come on, everyone! Dance! Haha.

So how was everyone's Easter? Mine was alright. For some reason, I was a bitch all day. I think it's PMS. >_>; Anywho, I think it's amazing how I went from being in such a quirky, good mood on Saturday to being a bitchy whore on Sunday. Whatever.

I was really mean to my mom, though. I don't know why. We got into a huge fight, though. She wanted me to come with her and my grandparents to some flower place about 40 minutes away, and I did not want to go, so we ended up fighting about it. Then I got mad because my dad and I were going to watch the 4th Harry Potter movie last night, but my mom ruined our plans when she kept interrupting, so we had to stop. I was so ticked because I ended up cancelling plans with my best friends just so I could watch the movie with my dad, and then we didn't even get to watch it. >_<#

My mom and I are all good now, though. We always make up fast. I'm glad I got to stay home this morning, though. I'll probably go to Janice's later on, and spend my last day of Spring Break having fun.

Yeah. It's the last day. I can't believe it. It was so short. I hate my school. And, I still have to do homework. I just want it all to burn. O_o;;

Oh, and I have to thank you guys for all the awesome comments! Thirteen is the most I've ever gotten so far on this name. I think the most I've EVER gotten on MyO is like 300 or so, but that was a looooooong time ago when my friends were having a party on my old site. Good times. >_>;


Mewmewlover55: Yeah, I agree, the Harry Potter books are a lot better. I just like watching the movies because they do such a good job of bringing the books to life, even if they alter things and leave parts out.

Akai Yuuhi: Pssh, not exactly using her. Hey, she totally took over my Nintendo. Whore. Haha, just kidding. Your a fag. That sucks. And, welcome all my honored guests.

Burning Deamon: 'Twould be awesome indeed if we saw each other there. I'll try my best to make it to Otakon. ^_^

Kawaii Seth: In case you didn't get my comment yesterday, I already made you a button. It's up in my intro. You just have to scroll down to where it says "Friend's Links" and then wait for it to scroll by. It's blue and says 'Seth' on it. You'll have to ask me for the image code though. I don't know how I'll get it to you since PMs aren't working, but we'll figure something out, right?

Chubbi chibies: Yeah, I used to be scared to death of driving...until I actually started. It's not that bad at all. There's a lot to remember, yes, but once you get behind the wheel, you feel a lot more comfortable and in control.

Michi-chan: Happy Easter, Kaia! Maybe I'll see you today...if you come to Janice's. We could have some crazy fun like last time. Haha.

i Jiba i: You're right. Those games never do get old. The only games I ever bought for my N64 are Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, and frankly, that's all I need. No matter how many times I've played them, I never seem to get bored with them.

Lemony Slash: Yoshi, eh? My favorites are Toad and Bowser. Gotta love em. I know what you mean about beating people. There's just some sort of satisfaction in kicking ass and beating the shit out of the computer players in that game. Haha.

Hikari x: You've never seen them? What are you waiting for, girl? Go to your local movie rental place NOW and rent them! I command you to!!

Hinaru: Haha. Sneaky DK indeed. XP Ah, and sadly, there's no chance in me getting Love Hina anytime soon. Whenever I asked, they just started bitching at me to get a job. -_-'

obnoxious: Awww, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my layout/personality!! *huggles*

Magnus Lensherr: I'd be glad to email you the code for your button! I'll do it ASAP!

MiraKaiba: Frankly, I'm quite glad I didn't hit anything either. >_>; Haha.

Well, I better get ready to go to Janice's. Take care, everyone!


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

i feel like rambling....

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Current Mood: Hungry.
Currently Listening to: Heaven by DJ Sammy
Current Time: 12:09 pm

Let's start with last night, ne? After I got done posting, visiting, and making everyone's buttons (which took a good two hours), Janice (my neighbor) and I played Nintendo 64's Mario Kart. It was interestingly fun. At one point, Donkey Kong did something that put Janice in 8th place, so she was all pissed off. I was then behind DK, so I threw some homing shells at him, which knocked him off the track temporarily. I was now in third place and I said "there, I got him back for you." However, she wanted to get him herself, so she killed him with more shells and went into 4th place. She was all like, cheering and stuff, but then at the last second, DK passed her and finished in 4th place. We both just started laughing. Her comeback really didn't work too well. ^^;;

Around 5:30 I went home and my dad and I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was my first time seeing it, and I thought it was really good. Not as good as the fourth movie, but still pretty good. I loved the part where Hermione punched Draco. Haha. ^_^'

Then this morning, I was woken up by my dad screaming at my dog. Normally I would have just gone back to sleep, but I was afraid he was going to hit her, so I got up to defend her. Sadly, it just turned out that she knocked over a tulip that my dad bought my mom at the grocery store. -_-' Thanks Dad, for waking me up for nothing.

After breakfast, I watched some Saiyuki and Chobits. Then I went driving again with my dad, and I did really well! At least, I think so. I didn't almost hit anything this time. That has to be a good sign. ^^;;

Well, as of right now, I'm pretty hungry, so I'm going to go see if Janice has anything to eat around here. Then I think I'll play Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on the PC. ^_^


PS~ I'm glad everyone likes the new layout! And, I think what I'll do with my money is get a new Saiyuki DVD. Then, I'll try and weasel my parents into buying me volume 7 of Love Hina manga for Easter. Over the summer sometime, I'll get a Chobits DVD. Oh, and Hinaru-san, I actually want to try watching Hellsing sometime. It looks really good, in my opinion. ^_^

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Friday, April 14, 2006

yay for new layout! (again)

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Current Mood: Accomplished. ^_^
Currently Listening to: The Chobits theme song.
Current Time: 2:30 pm

Yeah, another sudden layout change. I know that the last one wasn't up very long, but after making Danielle's layout the other night and after watching quite a few episodes of Chobits, this is the result. ^_^

I hope everyone likes it. It's more...Spring-ish.

So, second day of Spring Break. Yesterday I got home from Danielle's house around 5 pm. I cleaned my room, got a shower, and then watched some Saiyuki, Love Hina, and Chobits. Then, I went to bed. It was still really early, but I was so tired from lack of sleep. ^^;;

As of right now, I'm not sure what to do with my report card money I'm going to be getting. I know I said I wanted volumes 7 and 8 of Love Hina manga, but now I'm just not sure. There's so much anime-related stuff that I want, it's so hard to choose! >_<;;

I either want a new DVD of Saiyuki, a Chobits DVD of my own, or like before, more Love Hina manga. What do you guys suggest?

Right now, I'm at my neighbor's house. We watched some Chobits, and made my new layout. Later on we'll probably play some Nintendo. I love old school! I haven't played it in so long.

Well, now that I've made a few new friends, I'll have to make buttons for them. After this post and after I visit everyone, I'll make them. Look forward to it!!


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Welcome welcome

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Current Mood: A little tired, but content.
Currently Listening to: QVC playing in the background and Danielle chewing her gum.
Current Time: 2:37 pm

So now that Spring Break has officially started, what have I been doing? Hanging around here of course. Last night Danielle and I spent about 8 hours making her a new site and a layout. It was fun though, I didn't get bored. I like making layouts too much. ^_^

Anyway, go visit her. She wants some friends, kay?

So yeah. Then, around 4 in the morning we went to bed, finally. Woke up around 9:30. Not much sleep, but it's enough to get through the day. It's not like I'm going to be using a lot of energy anyways. >_>;

All morning/part of the afternoon, we've been going to random people's sites and signing guestbooks. We need more friends. We're losers. *high fives Danielle*

Well, that's about it. OH! And now that I have a screename to sign on to again, I'll be getting on a lot more now. Give it up, cause now I'm back. ~_^ (Ohhhhh yeah Danielle)


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


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Current Mood: Kinda pissed...
Currently Listening to: Danielle chewing her pizza.
Current Time: 7:30 pm

Well, the Pretear marathon is now ruined, because of my idiotic-ness. ^_^ I left the second DVD at my house, in my DVD player. So yeah. Now that defeats the purpose of why I'm here...but whatever. There's still Yugioh...heh heh.

Obviously, I'm at Danielle's house right now. And we're eating pizza. Yum.

Um...Happy Spring Break?


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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Current Mood: Hyper.
Currently Listening to: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison by My Chemical Romance.
Current Time: 6:36 pm

Yeah, that's right. Admire my ever-improving HTML skills. Hey, I'm not as good as Nessa or most other people around here, but I'm pretty proud, to say the least. I show my site to friends at school, and they're like "Wow, how do you do that?" Heh.

So, here's exactly what I added:
1. A scrollbar and div layers to my intro
2. I completely changed my intro for that matter
3. I changed the cursor to a crosshair
4. I changed the hover cursor to the north-east arrow thingy
5. I changed my link-hover effects
6. I disabled right-clicking (Just try it and see what happens ~_^)
7. I made everyone buttons and put them in a vertical marquee that slows down when you mouse-over

And...um...I think that's about it. I probably forgot something, but whatever. Not much compared to you HTML geniuses, but like I said, I'm still proud and quite pleased with myself. ^_^

Eventually I'm going to print out all of my coding and show Jared, just to brag and because he wants to see it.

So, tonight I have no homework except to finish my gym project, which I'm going to do after this post. It's incredibly easy, so it shouldn't take me too long.

And tomorrow begins Spring Break! Whoot. I'm going home with Danielle and we're going to have our long-awaited Pretear marathon/sleepover thingy. She's also going to make me a new screename, so I'll be able to get on regularly again! Yesssss. I'm so happeh.

Not much else to say. Until tomorrow, lurves!


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Monday, April 10, 2006

itching for spring break...

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Current Mood: Anxious
Currently Listening to: Helena by My Chemical Romance
Current Time: 5:35 pm

Man, I so cannot wait until this week is over. As my title suggests, Spring Break is starting soon, and I can't wait!! Once 3:00 pm Wednesday arrives, I'll be so happy. Then, I won't have to deal with stupid school for five days. Ahh...that'll be heaven, that will. x-P

So yeah, as you can see, layout change. This is pretty much the extent of HTML that I know. Heh. I suck, right? Well, I know a few more things that I'll be applying soon, so if you see weird things going on around here, it means I'm just putting the finishing touches up. ^_^

I hope everyone likes, anywho.

Well, today, Danielle lended me her box set of Chobits DVDs that I'll hopefully start watching tonight. However, if my homework takes too long, I'll probably just wait until Spring Break starts to watch them. ^^;;

Report Cards today! I actually didn't do as bad as I thought I did. I still made Honor Roll, so I'm happy about that. ^_^ I got a B in English, an A in History, a B in Chemistry, a C in Math (heh, that's to be expected), an A in Computer Math (a programming class), and an A in Art. Yay! Now I'll get 25$ from my grandparents so I can buy more Love Hina manga.

*sighs* Well, I better start working on my homework. Hopefully I'll be able to post tomorrow. If I'm not able to get online, I'll definitely post Wednesday! Take care, everyone.


PS~I'm also planning to make friend's buttons for everyone. Look forward to it! ^_^

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