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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy Balls.

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I remember when I first joined here. I was 15 years old, at the end of my freshman year in high school.

I am now [almost] 22 years old.

I remember struggling how to work HTML and make awesome-looking avatars so I could have a cool site like everyone else.

I now work for a web/graphic design company and eventually hope to go freelance. And it's all thanks to MyO that I've come this far.

I remember having 'comment parties' on peoples' posts.

There is now Facebook for that.

I remember fanfictions, making the honored Top 500, Guestbook postings, midis, staying up till midnight to have the first post of the day, making tons and tons of wonderful friends, and having a private place of my own on the Internet to share my thoughts and feelings.

I wish I could turn back time and go back to those days, just for a little bit. I love where I'm at in my life right now, but I just miss when things were so simple...and fun.

This place holds so many fond memories for me. I'd like to come back to that, at least for a little. ^_^

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Random _^_

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Current Mood: Chocolate-y
Currently Listening to: Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
Current Time: 5:57 pm

So, I was looking through my archives, and I found this:

�And this weekend will be 6 months. Still no kiss. I'm starting to wonder if he's afraid. My friend Jen who has known Nathan for two or three years, says he is shy when it comes to that. She said she couldn't even imagine him hugging a girl. So, that explains the delay. Aw. What a darling. ^^�

Um. Wow. We�ve been doing a lot more than that lately. >_>;

Kissing, I mean.


[Random thoughts]: I just finished the last of my birthday cake. I also just started a new volume of Yugioh! manga.


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Indeed, I am alive.

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Current Mood: Nostalgic
Currently Listening to: Say It Right by Nelly Furtado
Current Time: 2:26 pm

I'm not sure why, but the mood suddenly struck me to visit MyO. I must say, I was amazed to find that some of you still update, and that I'm still on all of your friend's lists. That really touched my heart, to say the least. ^_^

I'm not really sure why I left. I think MySpace took over my brain, actually. But I'm over that stage now...and back into blogging. And of course, my favorite blog spot is MyO.

So what have I been up to this past year? Well, to start off, I'm still with my darling boyfriend, Nathan. It's pretty amazing to think that it's almost been a year and a half that we've been dating. I know that back when I left on my unannounced hiatus I honestly didn't care about him all that much...but now, he's like my best friend. We share everything with each other, and I couldn't imagine life without him. Eventually we would like to get married...but we both still have to get through college first. ^^;;

I just turned 18 on Monday the 19th. And I pretty much had the best birthday ever. I can't wait to graduate high school, and I already got accepted into a college. I'll be getting my degree in graphic design.

Also since I left, my taste in anime/manga has drastically changed as well. I still enjoy my old favorites, such as Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop. However, Love Hina (the manga) has moved up to the favorite spot, with MARS as a close second. Yugioh! has also gone up in ranks as well.

Basically, that's it. I hoping nobody forgot about me. I'm not expecting any comments on this post right away...because it will probably take a while for you all to realize that I'm back. However, I'm not going to be posting that much...maybe once a month. I want to try and comment everyone at least every other day, however.

It's good to be back. Not much has changed, but I'll still miss the good old days of when I first joined back in the summer of '04.


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Thursday, May 4, 2006


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Current Mood: Stressed
Currently Listening to: Clocks by Coldplay
Current Time: 4:17 pm

Holy fucking cow. I have four tests coming up in the next few days, plus other assignments. I'm stressed to the max. Tomorrow I have a Math and English test, I have to complete my History take home test tonight, and Monday I'm making up my Chem test. O_o;

Luckily, my Chem teacher wasn't too bitchy today, which was a good thing indeed. However, whenever I approach her, I always do so with caution in case she explodes. >_>;

Today was alright. Nothing really exciting happened, but it wasn't a bad day. In Computer Math, we're working on our final projects. We have to program a real game and make it work. The game I'm programming is Solitaire (the card game). It's going off to a rough start, though. Apparently, to program it right, I have to apply codes that we never even learned in the class. My teacher, Mr. Ensminger, isn't even sure how to do it. He said he's going to to some research for me. In the mean time, he has me reading a Visual Basic How-To book and creating mini practice programs.

Then, today was my last day of driving lessons. It didn't go so great. I was making stupid mistakes. Again. And, I totally sucked at parallel parking. So, my instructor was like, screaming at me. I felt so dumb. Thank god it's done with. _-_;;

We drove past Nathan (teh boyfriend)'s house. It was funny. The first thing you could see was his pool in the backyard. I can't wait to go swimming in there sometime. And do other fun stuff. Like go to prom with him. But now, I'm just rambling....

Oh! And, I finally got a stable screename that you guys can contact me on. It's.....


So go ahead and IM me! ^_^

And finally...all of you except for my beloved Katie-kins can disregard this:

Whoot! Smooches and cyber sex, love!!


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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

...free day?

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Current Mood: Whaaaaaatever.
Currently Listening to: Let Go by Frou Frou
Current Time: 4:19 pm

Heylo minna-san! How's everyone doing? I'm doing alright I guess. I left school early today...so I basically have all afternoon to do whatever I want.

I left school because I wasn't feeling well. It's teh period. It sucks. Originally, the nurse wasn't going to let me go home, but my mom was all like "I'm taking her home" so the nurse couldn't really argue. XP

So that's two days in a row now that I've missed Chem. My teacher is going to flip. Stupid whore.

Basically what I did today was come home after 2nd period, take a hot bath, sleep, watch Sailor Moon, and eat. Now that my mom's gone, I can get online. Later I'll play some N64. Whoot.

So yeah, I've been working some more on my new layout. I still can't find the song I want, and it's really frustrating me. If I still can't find anything in a few more days, I'll ask you guys for help. ^^

Well, I better head off. I have a few buttons I need to make, and I'm going to search some more. Take care, guys.


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Tuesday, May 2, 2006


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Current Mood: Crabby
Currently Listening to: Beep by the Pussycat Dolls
Current Time: 4:58 pm

First of all, a big GOMEN for not visiting many people lately. I've just been busy being a lazy-ass whore. I promise this whole week to update and visit everyone who updates every day. And the following week. And the following. ^^;;

Anyways, today was pretty cool. Well, I got my period, which sucks (and explains why I've been a bit bitchy lately), but the rest of the day was pretty awesome.

First of all, the Detroit Redwings are now out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. (This is Ice Hockey we're talking about here in case you're NHL-illiterate) I've HATED that team ever since they beat out my team, the New Jersey Devils, in the playoffs a couple years ago. Plus now I can rub it in my dad's face that his best team is now out of the running. Whoot. I love being one-up on my dad. It's fun.

I also missed my Chem test today because of driving lessons. Double whoot. It doesn't matter that much since the test was bound to be easy, but a day of not seeing Mrs. Hornung is always a good one. o_o

And finally, today was Stromboli day at our school. It's the one day out of every month where practically every student goes on a rampage for the school's lunch. My school's homemade stromboli is SO good. I tried eating two today, but my tummy could only hold one and a half. Sadly, I had to stop.

But ew. Nathan (the boyfriend) is a pig. He ate four. FOUR. I still heart him though. Sadly.

And this weekend will be 6 months. Still no kiss. I'm starting to wonder if he's afraid. My friend Jen who has known Nathan for two or three years, says he is shy when it comes to that. She said she couldn't even imagine him hugging a girl. So, that explains the delay. Aw. What a darling. ^^

So, on Friday, I think I'm riding the bus home with him. If his mother permits. She's very protective, you see. Protective of me. She doesn't trust Nathan, even though his personality obviously suggests that we could be alone in a dark room and he wouldn't try anything except to turn on a light. And then either start skateboarding or eating. Whatever.

But, there's this bitch on his bus that likes him and throws herself at him constantly. Or so I hear. Apparently she's a trashy whore that Nathan doesn't give a damn about and even made her cry when she found out he had a girlfriend. I really want to meet the skank. And kill her. Even though I know Nathan would never betray me, it just irks me when someone else likes the sweety who's mine.

Well I'm done ranting for today. Comment, dearies!


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Friday, April 28, 2006

....i decided to log in at least once this week.

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Current Mood: Tired and in need of a bathroom.
Currently Listening to: Kisses Don't Lie by Rihanna
Current Time: 8:10 pm

So yeah. On my last post when I said I'd try to get to people, that was a total lie. I'm really sorry, guys. I just got so wrapped up in making my new theme....^^;;

Malik: Don't listen to a word she says. She just BS-ed you guys on purpose.
Me: *glares at him* Not true.
Malik: Damn. I guess they'll believe you instead of me, huh?
Me: *smug look*

Anywho, the new theme is coming along good, except I'm having a hard time finding the song I want for the layout. I'll come across something eventually, though.

Malik: *tries to sneak away*
Me: Hey! Don't even try. Get back to searching for the song!!
Malik: Hon, I hate to admit it...but you're beating a dead horse here....you're not going to find it.
Me: -_- You're right....*sighs*
Malik: Urm....*awkward look* Uh....*kisses my forhead* I'm sure we'll find it soon, kay?
Me: You mean it? Let's search all night, then!!
Malik: *shoots an exasperated look in my direction when I'm not looking* Crap. That wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Better start stocking up on the caffeine....
Me: *goes to Google*
Malik: I mean, I love her...but at times...she's just so....ah what the hell am I saying? I adore her. ^_^

Sorry for the late/long post! *gets back to searching*


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

short update

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Current Mood: Creative.
Currently Listening to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
Current Time: 3:58 pm

Like the title suggests, I don't really have much to say today either. All that I'm going to be doing this afternoon is working on homework and my new layout. Don't worry though, the layout I'm planning isn't going to be up until June because I like this one WAY too much! Haha.

I'll try to get to as many sites as I can!

Oh, and arigato for all of your concerns about me getting sick. Fortunately, all that I caught was a bad headcold...which is still pretty miserable, but at least I'm not missing school. >_>;

Take care, minna-san!

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Monday, April 24, 2006


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Current Mood: Tired. Extremely.
Currently Listening to: Reptilia by The Strokes
Current Time: 3:53 pm

*waves lethargically* Hey everyone. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm SO tired right now. And, it just hit me about two hours ago. Not only that, but my throat feels swollen and my nose is runny. I hope I'm not getting sick (again). I seem to be very illness-prone this year. -_-'

Despite all of this, my week seems to be going off to a good start. I don't have much homework at all tonight. I have a test tomorrow in History, but I'll be missing it because of driving lessons. So far, stress-free. Now if only it could stay that way the remainder of the school year.

Yeah. Right.

Unfortunately, due to my exauhstion, my brain has sort of shut off. I can't really think of anything to say. >_>;

How about something anime-related for a change? It's random, I know, but I'm going to state my favorite characters from my favorite animes and why I like them. You don't have to read this if you don't want to; I'm just trying to make this post not completely pointless. ^^;;

Sailor Moon:

Name: Chibi-Usa
Why I like her: I like her because, even though she is just a child, she is very wise--wiser than even some of the adults around her. She's also very kawaii. Although she can be manipulative and a smart-ass at times, she really does care for almost everyone around her. She's able to make friends easily and is very outgoing. She also puts up a very tough frontal assault and instead of running away from her problems, deals with them directly.


Name: Malik Ra Ishtar.
Why I like him: First and foremost, he is absolutely gorgeous. XP But more importantly, I love his personality. He's very deep, and although he puts up a sinister front, he's very gentle underneath. I also like the fact that he was hurt while he was younger. I can relate to him more, and it makes him more interesting of a character.

Cowboy Bebop

Name: Faye Valentine
Why I like her: She's not only very feminine, she's tough as well. She can keep up with the best of the roughest guys, but still manage to look beautiful at the same time. That's how I want to be, too. I'm really into strong women who can kick ass but still be beautiful at the same time in their own way. (That's one of the reasons why Sailor Moon is my favorite anime) I also like her because she's a bit of a sleazy badass. XP Hah.


Name: Himeno Awayuki
Why I like her: I can relate to her very much. She makes a lot of mistakes, but she tries not to let that bring her down, and she continues to push onward and try her best. She's not your typical girly-girl, and can even be loud and obnoxious. However, she's not ashamed of that fact and does not try to be someone she's not.

Love Hina

Name: Kaolla Su
Why I like her: She's just plain weird. And mysterious. And that's cool. And, since she looks so much like Malik-kun, I've decided to make her my future anime daughter. XP


Name: Chii
Why I like her: Her lack of common sense is just too kawaii. ^_^ She's also very pretty. And mysterious. (As you can tell, I like deep, mysterious characters) I also love how she has a darker side. Sweet.


Name: Genjo Sanzo
Why I like him: Although he's a priest/monk, he breaks away from society's boundaries by not acting like your typical religious suck-up. I like people who aren't afraid to rebel and be their own individual. And, like most of the characters I tend to be drawn to, he has a rough past, which, of course, makes his character that much more interesting. Last, but not least, he's just SO DAMN HOT.

So...anywho, I think that's all. I hope you enjoy the pointlessness of this post!! ^_^


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Sunday, April 23, 2006

i'm alive, i promise.

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Current Mood: Refreshed.
Currently Listening to: Vertigo by U2.
Current Time: 12:54 pm

Whew! Long time no update, ne? Same with visiting. I've just been lazy lately. Sorry about that, guys. I haven't forgotten about you, I promise. ^^;;

So yeah, Thursday was Health project. It took me all night. I didn't have time to do my other homework, so I got zeros in those classes that I couldn't complete the homework for. -_-'' This year is not going too well.

Friday I was just too damn lazy to get on the compy. There was no excuse for it, but whatever. Some days you just need a break, ne?

Saturday morning I finally watched the 4th HP movie with my dad. I really had forgotten how good that movie was, it's been so long. Ah, I lurves it so. ^^

Then after that I went to my neighbor's house. I was planning on updating and visiting there, but then Nathan (the boyfriend) called me, wanting to get together for our project. So he came over. Kenny was sick, go figure. Our project, which is a cabin made out of pretzels, looks like shit, but whatever, at least it's done.

Right after he left, Bri came over and we hung out a bit. I decided to help her babysit her neighbor's two kids last night, so I ended up sleeping over at her house also. It was fun. And although I could have got payed, I refused the money because it didn't seem like work at all. The kids and I were having so much fun! Teehee.

This morning Bri took her younger siblings and I to McDonald's for breakfast, and then I went home. After doing chores, I went to my neighbor's house, which is where I'm at now.

And!! It's official. Danielle and I are going to Otakon 2006!! Even if we have to work our arse's off to get the money to go, we are going! Her mom already agreed to take us there and help us with our Cosplay. It will be our first con, and we're so excited! So, for anyone else who is going, we'll see you there!!


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