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Hello I am Lady Catra president of The Gordonien's legend, and co-president of the otaku knights. If you want to join "Otaku knights" than speak with 'Elf knight', if you would like to become a member of "Gordonien's legend" than p.m. me.
Please sign my Guest Book b and read my story. Thank- you ~Lady Catra~.^

oh and btw sorry I have been gone so long.

Prologue........The tragic legend forgotten long ago by many is hidden behind stone walls and waits in the darkness to hear it's awakening call......

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

   somthing strange
I'm going into the doctors on Thursday to have this weird freckle on my face that turned into a mole checked out. oO Don't realy know what to think of it right now but it's realy anoying. . . oh well. hopefully it won't be anything serious - I'll keep you all updated on this ^_^ - later.

~Lady Catra~.^

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm happy - The 18th was my birthday and it acctualy went over rather well. ^_^ during the day we drove around the city and I got a pack of brush pens from my mom those things are awsome. seriously. oO Affter managing to get home we had time to quickly change and then rush out the door to the restraunt - once we got there I wasn't very impressed though, it was so noisy you had to shout to hear eachother at the same table! at least the food was good - both me and my mom had the salmon. <3 yum <3
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Monday, August 4, 2008

   I'm back baby! (scream) (Bwaghahahahaha!)
Greeting everyone. ^_^ It has been a very long time scince this one has been here, but I just realy needed to sort some things out in my life. =\ but anyway - I'm back now. thank you all for waiting for me, much love!! ^_^ *hugs everyone*

Much has happend in the time I've been gone and I hope to share it all with you and that you will share your expiriences with me again. ^_^

~Lady Catra~.^

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Monday, March 10, 2008

   I never thought I'd be saying these words...
So I once loved this place, I would spend hours apon hours on it talking to my friends, reading about thier lives and writting storys, however I feel that as of late I have lost my passion for as the tides must sway and change so must I. This one honestly never thought that I would be saying this but fairwell my friends, I am leaving The Otaku. This one hopes that you all have an enjoyable life with much laughter and many dreams ^_^.

Beffore I go I would like to thank you all for being there for so very long and a special thanks to lordsesshomaru, Roiben, Hylian 88, strike 17, Hoaryu Hitsumaru, Blane Hoshi, Gaara967, Kaisen, LGA775, Magnus Lensherr, and last but definantly not least Nix.

Fairwell my friends ~Lady Catra~.^

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Friday, November 30, 2007

   The state of my life.
So, right now things suck - bad. My mom has LOCKED the office, that's right - they acctualy have a lock on our office to keep me out. I think my mom had caught M.C.D. (Mad Cow dessise) needless to say I'm not talking to her right now ( well not in a language she can understand anyway). I'm not even alowed to go see my friend who's going in for toe surgery. :( - I swear that B*tch lives to make me misserable, all I can say is it's a good thing I have Chris-kun or I would be long gone by now if you know what I mean. - so anyway I won't realy be here much for a while - I hope you all enjoy your lives.
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