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E: by AKG
sup,everybody,no im not new to the otaku just have a new name,im was kotetsu,but now its kyubi14(oh yeah)well visit my site,ill be updating whenever i can so later

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Its been awhile
Gosh, im tired. SO......hows everybody, im good.....that whole Hurricane Rita went down, but its all good, Asian Kung-Fu Generation's sol-fa album is almost here and i can't wait for that. Did anybody check out the trailer for Kakurenbo, that looks really cool; now I want that dvd. We've been out of scool for like a week thanks to that hurricane and its been so boring, all my friends were gone so I had noone to talk to on the phone so it sucked majorly. Oh yeah, L'arc~en~ciel's AWAKE album is out, I'll have it soon hopfully. I've listened to samples of the tracks on the cd and it's pretty good, so thats another one to get, so many things to get, so little cash. Well, im going to go wacth Najica:Blitz Tactics or FLCL or somethin, later dayz.


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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   The School Years so far.
Hey everybody, just decided to post today, kinda bored but anyway, hows everyone's school year goin? So far mines been okay, the classes are......somewhat good, getting to see all my friends again was super awesome. Lol, I've already started skipping 5th period as usual, but Tiffany won't skip with me, chris and Francisco :( because she doesn't want to get in trouble, kinda sucks but ill live. DID ANYONE HEAR ABOUT THIS, Asian Kung-fu Generation Sol-fa album is being distributed in the US by tofurecords, its so awesome, the cd comes out october 18, im so getting it, their like one of my favorite bands of all time ^^. I'll be getting some new t-shirts from japanimation.com :D, that'll be awesome.well I have stuff to buy, so later dayz.


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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   Skool, here I come
Well, skool startin back up, and its going to royally suck. The only reason, im happy about it is I get to see my best friends that I haven't seen all summer(alison,paul, winter, josh etc...). Also football will be goin on so of course thats awesome, but I have to do the whole band thing too, which will probaly be a pain in the neck to do, since I have to go to the last 2 hours of band practice :(. Well im outta here, im goin to listen to AKG and read some manga, later dayz ppl.


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