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I LOVE METALLICA!!!!!!! who agrees? these are my favorite songs by them...

Monday, February 11, 2008

   to all of you who were on my myspace friends list
i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that it got deleted... i had it secret from my mother, but she found out and got very angry with me, so she deleted it... furthermore, before she came home from work, i snuck on to the computer and had to delete everybody on my friends list that i didn't know in person so she wouldn't be any more angry... as it turns out, i lost all computer priveledges and am grounded... you may be thinking "why is she on the computer now, then?" well, my mom is at work right now, so i snuck on to let you guys know what's going on... i'm so sorry for the inconvience, and for what it's worth, i had a good run with myspace, maybe someday i'll make another, but it could be a while
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

so, how many of you have been wondering what i look like?
well, here are some recent pictures of me.....

I think this is my best picture
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me and my sister
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my armor!!! METALLICA FOR LIFE!!!!!
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   i'm no longer depressed!
Charles i told you about in the previous post called me a few weeks ago! it was the first time i heard his voice since June!!! it was really nice to catch up... ever since then, i've been talking to him every single day... i miss him sooooooooooooo much!! luckily however, he returns on th 23 of this month, so i get to see him very soon...

he truly is one of my greatest friends. i can tell him anything and know that he'll be there to help me... i really am happy for him and his girlfriend.... i wish them well, and i really can't wait until he returns!!!!!!! I'M WAITING FOR YOU, MY FRIEND!!!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

   i'm so depressed
let me explain in full detail... i took a class last year 'creative writing' i swear to you... my teacher was the devil her self.... we'll call her moreland... anyway... i hated moreland, but i stayed in the class for some reason... i'm glad i did because i got to meet people whom i would have never met if i switched out... they are as follows: Charles, Brian, Tony, and David... after meeting brian, i began to develop a bit of a crush on him, but, it never worked out (that's a story for another day) anyway... Charles at the time had a girlfriend (let's call her Whore... *you'll see why soon*) Charles, last year was a senior and graduated, leaving me stranded at high school... what's worse, he joined the army and moved 4000 miles away from home sometime in July.... at the time, i didn't have a myspace, so i had no way of saying goodbye to him...
a few months past and i decided to make a myspace one day.... out of the blue, i get a friend request from my Wolfman *my nickname for him* so of course i accept, because he is afterall, one of my best friends.... he begins to tell me about him and Whore breaking up because she was cheating on him.... that's why i have dubbed her whore... anyway... i begin to develop feelings for him... STRONG feelings... i told him a few times, the way i felt about him, and he never really gave me a clear reply...
today, i was looking at one of his friend's site and i find out that she is his girlfriend... me, being the sensitive bitch that i am posted a bulliten saying "My heart has just been broken... if anybody needs me, i'll be in my room crying" i go on later, and find that he sent me a message about it... here is a copy of the message

me: "if anybody needs me, i'll be in my room crying"

him: "what's wrong with you?"

me: "you'll make fun of me, either that or think i'm pathetic"

him: "oh come on... if you search deep down, you'll realize that neither of those are true and you'll know that i truly am here for you."

me: "i found out that you have a girlfriend, and i got REALLY depressed about it... i really like you alot."

him: "i...i know, Rebecca. It is true that i do have a relationship with Jen. i hope that this doesn't make you want to end our friendship."

me: "i would never do that charles. you are one of my best friends and will remain that for a very long time... i wish you and jen well, and i hope that my feelings for you won't make our friendship awkward."

him: "thankyou, rebecca. i was so scared that you would want to end our friendship because of that. Come now, awkward? you are my best apprentice, you are Darth Becca! (his nickname for me)

so, i'm pretty hurt.... you should have heard how much i was crying today, but since i talked to him, i feel much better.... i'm going to be pretty sad about this for a while, but, i'm just glad he's happy

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

sorry i havn't been on that often
as with all my other excuses, i blame my laziness.... so how have you guys been?

on another note, i finally made a myspace. if anybody wants to meet me, my display name is Mikalamalasa. or my real name is Watermelon Bubble. so, go find me! i'm dying to meet you!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

homecoming is nearing at my school. it's this saturday. the theme this year is Medieval, so i can't wait to go. for those of you who are going to ask, i am going with my boyfriend, most definately. i finally got my dress on saturday too. hee hee, i'm a bargain shopper, i got it for 3 dollars at a thrift store, and it's brand new too. HECK YES! it's burgundy [sp?] and it goes down almost the entire length of my legs. over it, i'm going to wear a lace jacket sort of thing, and underneath, i'm going to have black fishnet stockings, it's going to be a fun dance this year. anywho, just felt like updating... see all of you guys later! kisses! ^-^
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