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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

   [insert o////O face here!]
Time: 5:31 PM
Mood: Tired
Song: Blame Me! Blame Me! by Anberlin

Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it.
-Jules Renard


Hey guys! Again, sorry I haven't been on, a lot of stuff to do for school lately. Papers, projects, etc. And just a lot of homework in general. Yeah. So, since I have a little time tonight, I changed my layout (and my song ^.^) and decided to update you all on my day today. I know you're excited. XDD

Okay. So today, on the bus...Oh God. I've never been so scared in my life. Okay.

So I got on the bus, shivering my ass off (it's friggin cold up here!), looking for Emily so I could sit next to her. When I finally found her (way in the back T.T), I sat down, said hi, blah blah.

Max and Dan are at my bus stop too, and they were walking right behind me--They're 2 of Poodles' best friends. (I know, just my luck.) And the two of them sat somewhere behind me, and little did I know that Poodles was sitting in the seat right across from me! (I was in the aisle seat; he had a seat to himself.)

Okay. So he scooted out to say something to Max, so his head was peeking out of the aisle, and I was still swinging my backpack off and sitting down, and when I finally managed to sit, he turned back around.

OMG. Okay. Our faces were not even 3 inches apart! Oh my God. It was so scary. I could feel my face turning bright red; and you talk about the jitters? Yeah. Jitters. UBER-jitters. I about almost fell off my seat. o.O

Other than that, nothing especially exciting happened today. There's not really anything going on with my friends...I'm just suffering from over-work and stress. Haha. It's all good. All a part of life, right? XD

*glomps you all* I love you all so much! Remember that! Send me an email or a PM if you ever need anything! I usually check my email first when I get on the computer, so yeah, so that if you want to. ^_^ *more hugs* I'll see ya'll as soon as I can! Sayonara!

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