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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

   [insert ANGRY FACE!!! here]
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Genius is an African who dreams up snow.
-Vladimir Nabokov


OMG!!! Okay. So. I was sick yesterday! >.> And so I missed school. I felt a lot better this morning, so I was like "YEAH!! LET'S GO TO SCHOOL!!" And then I look in the mirror.

...Blotches. Bright. Red. Blotches. All over my face!!! I was like, "WTF?! Where did these come from?!" And they didn't go away. Throughout the entire day. So I looked like a frickin...freak. Or something. All day. And I had to ask Poodles something about Spanish! With these ugly red blotches! It was so embarassing. Mom says I might have had an allergic reaction to something I took yesterday. I dunno. And they're really itchy. *itches* Lol.

After I got over THAT, I had to take one of those really fun things--Standardized tests! I took the PSAT. (Preliminary...SAT. I don't know what SAT stands for.) And it was really hard! I'm taking Geometry this year; and I was talking to my friend Michelle (who's in Pre Cal) and she said a lot of the math stuff on the test was Algebra II stuff. Algebra II!!! No wonder I had a hard time with it.

...And so that made me mad. Because I really wanted to do good on it, but they only gave us 25 minutes for the math section and I still had like 5 problems to go when they told us to stop. T__T"

Then I saw...the bitch. ;__; You guys will LOVE this story...(And it's not about Shelby. Shelby has done NOTHING compared to this girl...I'm not even gonna tell you her name. Lol.)

Okay, so Homecoming was this past Saturday. Now, let me give you a brief overview of last year's Homecoming: My group of friends was huge, I got a flower (XD), it was really hot and crowded, and Poodles...is not the dancing type. He sat talking to Dan and Max the whole time. (They're really cool. Ironically, I'm really good friends with them.)

So, this year's Homecoming: A lot more fun. Two groups combined into one at the dance (much easier than last year), everyone was a lot less uptight, and they had better music. And the freshmen were fun. XD

Until...*cough* This happened. So, me and Kaylyn were walking over to the water fountains to get a drink. We were making our way back towards the dancing, and I'm busy adjusting my [uber-cool!] necklace, until Kaylyn says "Sam...Don't look over there. Please don't look over there..." She starts pushing me in the opposite direction, taking the long way around. So, of course, I look over there.

Which had to be the biggest mistake of my life. So (you know what's coming) there was Poodles...and the girl. The bitch. Ummm...You know how girls and guys dance at dances, right? Do I really have to go into the gruesome details? x.X

I must have been standing there for a while, because Kaylyn started poking me. She looked like she was expecting me to cry or something. And she kept saying, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! Don't worry about it, okay? It's nothing!"

So, this only gets better. We go back to our little dancing circle of friends. We dance, act like total dorks, blah blah blah. Our circle kind of circulates around the dance floor (because we like talking to people lol). Eventually we made it to...Him and his friends. Thankfully she was off getting punch or something. So we continue our pattern, talk, dance, act like morons, etc etc...

Until she comes back. You will not believe what she did! Okay, so at our school, the main room (this huge room called the Commons, and in the middle there's this pit...Called the Pit. It has three really wide steps leading down to it, and the Pit is where Homecoming basically happens.)

I happened to be standing on one of the awkwardly wide steps (they can fit about two people on one long-wise). It's really crowded; no lie. There were over 1,200 people there this year. So it was closely packed. Someone wanted to get past me, so I scooted back a bit, unknowingly backing right into Poodles. (I swear I didn't know. Really.)

This is the position she "caught" me in when she came back. She comes back to the group, you know, and she sees me. Mind you, I don't even know who she is--She inconspicuously makes her way in my general direction, talks with Poodles for a bit...And then the slow song stopped, and the normal music came on...I looked behind me, saw Poodles, freaked, and frantically tried to push my way back towards McKenzie and Laura.

The bitch...before I could escape, she pushes me over. She PUSHED me! I felt her hands on my arm. The bitch pushed me, and I fell down the steps.

I FELL DOWN THE FUCKING STEPS!! My dress went whoosh! right up over my waist, giving everyone (including Poodles, Greg, Harley and Dan) a nice view of my underwear.


I was so mad. SO. F-ING. MAD. UNIMAGINABLY. ANGRY. And at school today, she gave me this really dirty look and shoved past me on her way to class. Which just pissed me off even more. If anyone should be angry, it should be ME!!!

God...I can't even look him in the face now...And it's all her fault!! That's one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! *mumbles a bunch of vulgar obscenities under my breath*

Not to mention the weather was horrible today, and I had a crapload of make-up work to do for yesterday. Which reminds me, I should be doing my debate prep. So I'll see ya'll later--I'm gonna try updating once a week. Hope it works. ^.^ *glomps* I love you all!

To the Girl Who Pushed Me Over:
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