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Sunday, September 14, 2008

   woo, i really don't like sundays
Time: 5:22 PM
Mood: Tired
Song: I'm...watching TV (lol)

If there wasn't a God, there wouldn't be any Atheists.
-My Google homepage

[No Astronomy pic today...I'm not on my computer...]


Hey all, just thought I'd post today since I don't know the next time I'll post. I just finished my AP History homework, so I'm pretty bored. XD Thank goodness for weekends.

Let's see, nothing really out of the ordinary happened this weekend. Yesterday me, Tonks and Moony went to see that Star Wars: Clone Wars movie at the mall. For animated sci-fi, it was actually pretty awesome. XD Yeah, we're nerds. There were like 8 people in the theater at the beginning of the movie, and then in the middle a crapload of people started coming in. It was really weird. I was thinking "Um, you've kinda missed half the movie, folks...o.O" Rofl.

After that I went over to Tonks' place since no one was home at my house. (My parents abandoned me! Haha) It was fun, since I haven't been over there in such a long time-over a year. In 8th grade, I went over to her house all the time. So we just ate pizza and hung out and talked. It was cool.

Right now, I am watching the Nascar race with my dad and my Uncle Brian. It's a pretty standard Sunday. And oh yeah, I went to church today. That was pretty normal too.

I'll try posting sometime this week, but I don't know how much extra time I'll have. If anything seriously major happens or something, I'll post, but if it's a pretty ordinary week, and I'm really busy, then I probably won't be on here at all.

So yeah. I'm thirsty. *glompage* Adios!

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