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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time: 3:19 PM
Mood: Better/Good
Song: Stab My Back (All-American Rejects)

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
-Mark Twain

Astro Pic of the Day!


I AM GOING TO A SANCTUS REAL CONCERT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!! XDDDDDDDD I am so excited! And I'm eating chocolate! ^.^ Yay for me!

And I finished most of my AP homework (which was really the only homework I had), so I'll definitely be able to finish it tomorrow, since it's due Tuesday. It's happy-making.

Other than that, my weekend's been pretty boring. Texting and homework. Eating. Shower. The normal functions of life. Except for the homework. XD Lol.

Woot woot, the Sanctus Real concert I'm going to is a fundraiser concert for Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition! You know that show with Ty Pennington and the crazy army of construction workers? Well, their next show is gonna be really close to where I live! They actually started filming at like 11:30 this morning. And since Sanctus originated in this town, they're gonna hold a concert for the lucky-duck family!

Lol, so for all you stalkers out there, watch it and discover Fanatic's place of residence! Haha. XD

Okay, end of post time, thank-yous for the comments, love you all, blah blah blah, everyday stuff, right? *hugs* Later!

Kinda crappy quality, but here they are! The best band ever, Sanctus Real!

[Misa cosplay! Oh yeah!]

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