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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   a bucket of water, two snakes, and padfoot doing the macarena...
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fma bear

There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.
-Alfred Korzybski


Helloooo!! So, I was gonna post yesterday, but I had a crapload of stuff to do for projects for school. It was ridiculous. T.T

I went over to Laura's again to work on the World Studies presentation. We got that done, fortunately...Now we just have to make copies of the handout for the class, and then we're totally finished for tomorrow! Cuz that's when it's due.

Well, I dunno if it'll still be tomorrow, since we have a snow day today. ^_^ Yipee! There's A LOT of snow out there, and it's still snowing! It's supposed to get real windy and cold later, and we're supposed to get even more snow after this is over, so maybe it'll be a 2-day break. ^_~ lol.

Ugh...I wanna hear from Kyo-san...I haven't talked to him in ages! >///< Oh yeah! Let me explain. He's just a really good friend of mine on here, ya know...We talk ALL the time. ^^ He's a really good friend!

Anyway, nothing's been going on. But I have to tell you guys what was going on yesterday! XD

I'm feeling author-ish...(Oh, and by the way, Emmah, I am indeed a writer. ^^)

I swung around the corner of the Social Studies hallway, totally preoccupied. I was never going to get my CGD project done on time; I wasn't even done fixing up the dimensions, let alone ready for printing it out!

Suddenly, I crash into someone. They were about average height, but almost short-looking for their age: Dark hair, brown eyes, altogether Hispanic-looking. My stomach twisted nervously.

You've got to be kidding me, I thought. Poodles. I should've seen this coming.

My cheeks flushed, I quickly mumbled "Um, uh, sorry" before hurrying off to CGD. And I could've sworn when I looked back to see if he'd gone, he was looking right back at me.

Yeah...After that, between classes, whenever I turned a frigging corner he'd be RIGHT THERE! I almost NEVER see him in the hallways. EVER. And for some reason, he chose yesterday to always be in the same hallway as me. T///T Grrr...

Well, yeah, I have to go do a bibliography for our World Studies project. *glomps* Lat3r! (Lol...L33t. XD)

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