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Monday, December 31, 2007

I love you all! *kiss*
I hope you all have a happy time tonight! And may this soon to be new year be better than your last year. Even though its not quite new year yet. HAVE FUN!
Happy New Year!!! XD

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

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Monday, August 27, 2007

yes eddie is still with us. god i hate him. my mom is still and bitch. god i hate her. eddie said when he gets paid he's leaving. god i wish that where true. i had planned to leave when i graduated high school. but now, as soon as i turn 18, im gonna get an apartment and finish the school year from there. and my mom can stick that in her juice box and suck it. this is gonna be a lonely year for me. and a hard one. im a freshman you kno. one without a computer. it blew. and mom isnt gonna get a new one. cause she spent all the money she just got(which was a lot) on a dumb idea of eddies. a pool barn. god i HATE him. i wish. i dunno wat i wish. i would wish he'd die. but thats too mean. even for him. i think. you kno he accused my mom of stealing something of his. they got into a huge fight about it. thats when he said he;d leave. and the next day, my mom found it on the fride, exactly where eddie left it. you kno, he is a bastard from hell. and thats the worst kind. cant wait till im 18. cant wait till i have friends. u ppl dont count. cause there is no one who comes to my site. even my best friend though, she hurts me too, but doesnt kno it. she still wont. even if she read this post. which she wont. cause no one comes to me site. not even my best friend. u wanna kno something i just remembered? probably not right? well to bad. im telling ya anyway. i just rememebered, that a while ago, my best friend hurt me. really bad. and she doesnt kno it. couldnt tell. couldnt see. i thought best friends were supposed to see the hidden pain. well anyway. she had been in this place for a day or two. and she had been complaining that she hated it. and her other friend was there too. and u wanna kno the worst thing she couldve said. wat she did say. she said, to that other friend, not me, not both of us, she said i wish u couldve been there with me. and that hurt so bad. im supposed to be her best friend. i dont mind sharing her. i dont care if she has 2,3,4, or even 10 best friends. i just wanted her to say that to me. or even both of us. but it hurt me when she said that and it hurt me even more when she didnt notice me about to cry. u kno who u r my bestest friend. ur supposed to see my pain. not the pain i tell u about. all of it. even the things u do. i kno I'M not perfect either. i kno i get on ur nerves a lot. is that why u pick ur other friend over me? cause if so tell me. and i'll stop being annoying. cause u hurt me. and if u do it cause i did something to u. tell me. and i wont do it anymore. im sorry for watever i did. i am. so anyway. if u read this, which u wont, dont cry ok. just call me. my home number my cell number. anything. but dont cry ok. i dont want u to cry cause then im hurting u like u hurt me. and dont worry i kno u didnt do it on purpose. i have to go though. and sorry ppl who i have been making read this who dont really care. not that there r any ppl out there on my site

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

again ppl ignor my posts......here im gonna type somemore for u to ignor

we finally moved into our new house......my room is so awsome....maybe someday soon ill remember to take pix of the walls and put them on here......but the base color is red and we put a glaze paint(gold) over top with a rag roll)pm to find out wat that is). my room is a disaster though and i was in a "cleaning mood" today which my mother hasd been wating for forever...but then she got me out of my "cleaning mood". and she also told me my bestest friend who i havemnt seen all summer couldnt come over till my room was clean. i hate my mom. and today, i almost bit my lip off trying not to scream and cry at the same time. eddie changed the station on the radio when i was listening to something id never heard but was interested in. i cahnge the station during songs too but most of the time, granted not all the time bnut most the time, i ask if someone is listening to the song before i change the station. and he never does. and most the time when he changes it its during a good song or one ive never heard but am really listening too.....GOD I HATE EDDIE!!!!!! i wanna scream but im babysitting and i might scared them so.....*screams at the top of my lungs though it does nothing to clm me* god i hate him god i hate him and i cant say it enough....i just wish hed disappear or go back to jail. but i wouldnt wish that on the other ppl there or the ppl who work there. plus my mo complains about him all the time but never gets rid of him. i even said that the other day. she was complaining and i mumbled under my breath and she asked "wat" and i said "nothing" and she said "tell me now" and i said u complain all the time about him but u dont ge rid of him" and then u kno wat she said to me, she said "well i complain about u too but i dont get rid of u. i made a joke of it as not to show my really hurt feelings(she seems to hurt me alot anymore) by saying "u cant get rid of mye im ur blood im ur daughter ur stuck with me" i hate my mom and eddie so much...i cant wait till im 18...im gonna go to a college in california. the furthest plafce in the us from here.....then she'll wish ashe never said all those things to me because before i leave for college im gonna tell her how i feel and everything she ever made me feel. how when i was made she'd would like instanly try to get me to give her a hug or how when i was actually haveing fun eith her shed ruin it in a second. well my wrist hurts and for the momnet i have nothin else to say so.....bye i guess....until again i need to vent

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