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Welcome to our site. Kyo-Kyo and Riku here, with a new site. Hope you love it, Later =^-^= + $^_^$ OH! And Have A SCARY HALLOWEEN!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So this is the oldest owner, Kyo-Kyo, I know that Riku LOVED the Riku pics but if you're gonna put pics on the site Riku, consolt me, and put them up right, not nex to each other, if they're basicaly the samethin. Well anyway, I have a project due this frieday, and I'm eotking my ass off to get it done too. Plus chorus aditions are friday, report cards come out, and I have other things happening that day =-_-'= My friday's a bitch of a day, well Later. If Riku wants to say anyting she'll post, Later

*Kyo-Kyo out*

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