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I'm Kyo, and as my name probably hints, a big fan of Furuba. I spend a lot of time watching anime and reading manga(any I can get my hands on) and I am a writer on Fan Fiction under the names Twilight Kitsune (Kyo was taken)and I'm one of the "The People in the Corner" along with my friend Misaki. I'm not all that good as an artist, but every now and then something comes out okay. I've had my Otaku for a few months, and I'm kinda good at it. No one seems to aknowledge my existence lately though so, I guess I'll just go sit in the corner with my friend Misaki, and sulk until someone comes along and comments.

The theme that is playing is the theme to Fruits Basket.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Okay, as to the reason I haven't posted in a while... I've been rather distracted. School started back up, and my computer died, etc... It is sooooo great to hear from other Furuba fans! Sites seem to have gotten a lot better as well. Everything is so different! I gotta go, I'll post again soon. In the mean time, how is everyone?
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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

All these Furuba fans!!!
So many new people signed my guestbook!!! Thank you all of you!!! It's great to have new people signing my guestbook! And other Kyou fans to boot!!!
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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

   Okay, for the Furuba fans that have seen the show...
For those of you that have seen the show Furuba I have a little quiz

1) Who is Ritsu's mom?

2) Who is the president of the Prince Yuki fan club?

3) Who is Sonamina Rina?

4) What is Momiji's little sisters name?

5) What horrible thing did Kyou's Okaa-san do?

Good luck!

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Places to Find info.
No one really knows how the Sohmas got cursed. There have been many fan fiction stories on that subject, but no one really knows.

If you don't want to listen to my ranting about Furuba some good sites to visit are:




I hope to one day get my own site up, but at the rate I'm working on it, and with my "amazing knowledge of the internet and computers" it could be a while.
Just a little of topic note cause I've run out of things to say, d0 j00 sp34k l33t?

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

   Furuba Info.
Hello again! I'm back for part two of the Furuba story. Before I get started just wanted to clear up a few things. Furuba hasn't been shown on TV (that I know of) in the U.S., but the first season is out on DVD, and the manga is currently being translated, I can't remember who by, and is due to start coming out sometime early next year.

Okay, on to the story:

...after being introduced to Kyo, everyone transforms back to normal, but there is one thing they forgot to tell her, when they transform back, they're naked. (Thankfully, a layer of smoke surrounds each one for a moment after they transform back to human form.)Tohru agrees to keep the Sohma family secret, but it's not entirely her decision, Shigure had to tell the head of the family, Akito, about everything that happened, and its up to Akito if Tohru can keep the secret or not. At school, Yuki tells Tohru that if Akito doesn't want her to know the family secret he can erase her memory, which will not hurt her at all, just make her forget. He also tells her about a time when he was little and he had been playing with some other kids in the backyard.


A little girl had tripped and fallen into him and he had transformed. All the kids' memories' had been erased and (this part he didn't tell Tohru, but it was in the flashback) Akito told him, "You're a freak, no one will go near you, they all hate you."


Tohru (for some reason I can't remember) then trips and falls on Yuki and turns him into a mouse. After apologizing a hundred time Tohru utters her classic line, "If I forget, promise you'll still be my friend." to Yuki and Yuki is quite happy. He turns back into human form, and he and Tohru head off to class. When they get back to Shigure's house, later that afternoon, Shigure is gone and Kyo is fixing the roof in Tohru's room when she comes in. Kyo tries to apologise, but Shigure comes home and inturupts him. Kyo leaves and Tohru goes down to find Yuki already asking if Tohru can keep her memory of not. Shigure tells them... and that my cliffhanger for today folks.

If you have any question, do ask. I have left out a fair bit, so if something doesn't make sense I'll try to clear it up. To answer Gemmi's question, the Sohma family is actually pretty big, but there are only 13 cursed people. The members of the zodiac

and the cat.

(Not a great picture) The rest of the family is normal. The cursed members of the zodiac are Yuki, Hatsuharu, Kisa, Momiji, Hatori, Ayame, Isuzu, Hiro, Ritsu, Kureno, Shigure, and Kagura. Kyo's the cat, a shuned member of the family.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Several people have said that they would like me to put some information on Furuba, so here's a start.

Furuba, better known as Fruits Basket, is an anime that has just come to America. It follows a girl named Tohru Honda.

On her way to school, Tohru passes a house where several little painted figures of the 12 animals of the zodiac. There she meets a man named Shigure Sohma...

... who had apparently made the little figurines. While she chats with 'Gure, 'Gure's cousin, a boy named Yuki Sohma (who happens to be the "prince" of Tohru's high school) comes out.

Later that night, Shigure and Yuki discover that Tohru has been living in a tent, and when she collapses from a fever, they bring her back to Shigure's house, to tend to her. The next morning, Shigure and Yuki talk Tohru into staying at their house until she can move back in to her house. Later that morning, as Yuki is airing out Tohru's temporary room a redheaded boy...

comes down through the roof and challenges Yuki to a fight. Just as the redhead is about to hit Yuki, Tohru runs forward and tries to stop him, but she slips and lands on top of him. The next thing Tphru knows, she is holding an orange cat. the shock causes her to faint, as she does, she falls into Shigure and Yuki and they turn into a rat and a dog. Soon shigure, who can talk as a dog, explains to Tohru that the Sohma family has been under a curse for generations. The curse is, that whenever a mwmber of the cursed Sohmas is hugged by a member of the opposite sex, of their body comes under a great deal of stress, they turn into the twelve animals of the zodiac and the cat. Tohru is introduced to the redheaded cat who is named Kyo, and.... well, I'll continue later. hope the summaries not too bad. I'll give more info later.

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