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Uh im kylie
chase gray is a poopy[koon]
i dont watch anime
it gives me headachs
im fun
i like family guy
I dont do drugs
i just deal them JK JK haha
i like music
and borat
lets make babies

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   Eh, welll
i haven't been on in forever.
Sorry, I'm just doing this fo' chase he's cool.
He's getting stalked by some scary chick.
GH3=addicting. I pretty much got addicted.
That and my new hair straightner.
ehh, anime....my brother got a SHIZLOAD so i've watched Blood a couple times with him...its okay
im still not a huge fan yet...

Happy now chase? =]

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   wee wees
Uh im new.
i like myspace too

Chase gray
if you know him
you know that jaye davidson
is a girl
Okie dokie, TALK on here one time

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