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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Howdy howdy howdy...
Whoever can guess who says that wins a hug or something... lol. Here's a few hints: his name starts with B, he's the lead singer in a band, and he opened for My Chemical Romance at the concert I went to... =D

Speaking of the concert, it was the most amazing thing ever! =D I had so much fun there. Gerard blew me seven kisses, and we made eye contact five times. =D I was so happy. I got some stuff there, too. =) I got two shirts, a new backpack, and a pair of gloves. I keep looking on ebay for the other stuff that they were selling at the concert, coz I didn't have enough time or money to buy the rest of the stuff that I wanted. Oh well. I saw MCR's tourbus. It was really cool looking. I think they got a new one... This one was silver with like, orange flames or somethin like that on the side. I wanted to touch it, but I had to go. =( I had fun either way. Bob's hair is SO long. He looks really good. Ray's hair is super long too. =) And he's engaged! I'm really happy for him. =D Gerard brought his tambourine on stage, and I freaked out. XD I love that tambourine for some reason. =D

Me and some of my friends had a birthday party for Gerard on Wednesday (sp?). It was so fun. We made him a banner that says "Happy Birthday Gerard" on it, and we all drew little pictures around it. I'll try to upload some pictures of it on here for you peoples. =) We ate lots of candy, too. =D

I miss the way theO used to be. Now like, no one posts anymore. It kinda sucks. Oh well.

Well, I suppose I'll go now. =) See ya.

aka. Mrs.Gerard Way

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