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Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're so sorry we've been gone...
I know it'd have been better if I said "I'm so sorry I've been gone..." but I just had to quote Panic at the Disco's song "We're So Starving". I've been listening to the CD on MTV's The Leak. It's got some really good songs on it. It's alot different than Fever, but it's still really good. One of my favorite songs on there is "Do You Know What I'm Seeing?". It's like, one of the best on the CD.

Well, only 15 more days till the concert! I'm so excited. And I know I told you guys that me and my friend Alex were going to the same concert together, but it turns out that Alex is going to the concert two days before mine. =( Oh well. I hope she has fun. =)

I went to Hot Topic on Monday. It was fun. I got a The Used shirt, and a Nirvana shirt. I also got a cell phone (yay!) because we went to the mall.

How many people here have read the book Inkheart? Inkspell? If you haven't, you should. They're really really really good.

So, how do you peoples like Version Vibrant? I know I'm a little late asking the question, but hey, it's not my fault I'm lazy. I think. lol. Anyways, I'm warming up to the new version. I made a world, but I've been too lazy to put anything up. Sad, I know. It's gonna be a MCR fan site. Totally odd, huh? XD jk, jk.

Uugh, I'm so bored. If anyone's on, then send me a message. I don't want to just sit here and do nothing...

Once again I'm gonna ask if anyone has a Myspace. If you do, tell me. I'll totally add you!

Oh, Shealyn, if you read this, sorry if me and Alex really did make you upset today by calling you Basta.

Okay, I think this is long enough. Thank you anyone who decided to read this whole thing all the way through!

Lots of love,
Mrs.Gerard Way

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