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Sunday, February 3, 2008

RIP The Black Parade!
I don't know if I should be happy or sad that The Black Parade is dead... I mean, it kinda sucks that they (My Chemical Romance) won't be playing any more Black Parade music at the concerts... At least I think they won't. But I dunno. Oh well.

So how has everyone been doing? I've been good... I'm at my dad's house right now on his laptop. =) And I might go over to my friend's house today coz I never get to see her (we live 3 hours away).

Well, I'm bored. Guess this'll be the end of my post... Oh, here's the video of the day:

The Used- Paralyzed

Cool, huh? I love this vid... And song. It's my favorite by The Used. Oh, and if you were wondering, this was made with photos, not videos.

See ya guys later. =)

Random Qs

1.Do you watch the Superbowl?


3.Do you know any magic tricks?

aka Mrs.Gerard Way

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