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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm SO freaking bored!!! =( It's not even funny how bored I am... I've been watching youtube videos all day (the used's stupid homemade videos which are actually quite hillarious, random my chemical romance videos, and random videos)... So, if any one would like to send me a message, I'll totally reply. Well, here are the videos of the day:

"This door doesn't work, I think that it's broke, oh no I just fixed it, and Jepha says?" XD

I think Dan should come to my school and be my teacher. XD

Bert's funny =D

I've memorized this video...

Hahaha it would be cool if I was in that kid's place...

Hahahaha Dan is funny.... XD Poor Jepha. Jepha broke.

Hahaha check out Bert's wicked cool dance. XD

Okay, I suppose I'll go now... Injoy the videos!

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