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Monday, December 10, 2007

   I was killing before killing was cool
Hi all you peoples! Guess who it is! Yep! It's me! Kylie! Better known as Mrs.Gerard Way! XD Sorry bout that peoples. A lot of my friends call me Mrs.Way now... It's quite funny, actually. My mom even calls me Mrs.Way. =D

Okeydokey then, I'm probably not gonna have much time to write this coz I might have to babysit my little bro and my cousin for a bit, so I'm sorry if this post is kinda short (when are my posts not short? lol)

Well, I think I had way too much fun this weekend. First, my friend Morgan came over, and we watched Youtube vids for a little bit, then we filmed a commercial we made for a never before seen or heard My Chemical Romance album called I Love Life, and the reason it was never before seen was because all of the songs were about life, and there were no songs about death (no offense to MCR and MCR fans. I'm one of MCR's biggest fans, and I don't mean, in any way, for this to be offenseve (sp?)). So, anyways, we filmed that, and we almost died laughing. At the end of the commercial I took this picture of Gerard and held it up to the camera, and started talking in a voice (that sounded nothing like Gerard) and said a whole bunch of funny stuff. We were laughing SO hard.

Then we went back on the computer and watched Happy Tree Friends (then my 'big sis' Rose called =D), and we also watched a video of Gerard showing Steven (from Fuse) how to do his makeup, and Gerard made it look SO easy, so we decided to try to copy him. But all we had was eyeshadow, so we covered our faces in white eyeshadow, and tried to do everything like Gerard did, but it SO didn't turn out good. We video taped ourselves doing that, too. lol.

Then like, we stayed up forever, and made brownies, which were really good. But we forgot to spray the pan with Pam or whatever it's called, so the brownies stuck to the bottom. lol. They were still yummy, though.

Morgan went home the next day though. Darnit. I wish she could have stayed longer. We slept in till like, almost 12, and then she had to go like, half an hour later. =P Oh well. I still had fun.

Wow, I actually wrote a lot! Amazing, no? lol.

So so so, right now I'm listening to Kill All Your Friends by MCR. God I love them. I hope I get to go to their concert next year if they have any. Tomorrow is the last day of their tour for this year, and I'm praying that they go on tour next year. I hope their first stop is where I live. I wanna get backstage passes, coz I SO totally wanna meet Gerard. If I ever met him, I would ask if he could give me a kiss (just on the cheek). And I'm totally serious about that! If he gave me a kiss I don't know what I'd do... I'd probably have my mom take a picture of him giving me a kiss, then I would get his autograph, then I would get another picture of him and me, and then I would give him my phone number, and then (maybe) ask for his. lol.

So, I guess I'll go now. Bye bye!

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