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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Guess what?

Guess what guys???? My fanlisting is finally up!!! Argg those TFL network took forever approving thsoe things. Geez, anyhow well good thing they got it up... so checky out!!!! XD And I lov the layout Crystal-chan made for the new one... it as D and Innocent Grimmeh... yup yup... very rare!!! Innocent Grim... never happens...>_<

and my website affiliate Nero-chan made me a new layout for COF. It has Soiree!!! ZOMG!!!! O.O *dances with joy!!!* Well I told her that the pic she used is one of my fav. picture of him that I couldn't find everywhere... so I guess she decided to use that picture... and love the title she gave to the layout! Anyhow I hope you guys can check it out!!!!

Spring Break?

Spring break was awesome! I went to Virginia to my aunt's house. I've never been to her house after she moved to Virginia so it was something new and fun. The coolest part of all was it was my VERY FIRST TIME visiting East Coast. LOL some of the people found out easily that I was from the west... wow those people are so smart!!!!! Anyhow, also my grandma was visiting so that was nice!!!! We went shopping most of the times so that was fun since I needed shopping. And we visited some sights that worth visiting in Yorktown, where my aunt lives. And it was a whole week of speaking Korean too!!! I love it!! I can't speak Korean cause I live alone and stuff.. it's sad living alone... oh wellz at least my parents are visiting me in 10 days woot woot!!!

Anyhow catcha guys later and enjoy new musiz
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