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Sunday, October 7, 2007


I've taken such a long time to post....

I don't have anything really to say.

I got Pokemon Diamond for my birthday; I feel like such a nerd. I even went to Toysrus to download Manaphy. Hahaha! Dork.

It's so much fun, so much different from the others. I've been playing it nonstop, I just need one more badge before I can get to the pokemon league. Then theres the minigames, I love the underground. I really need to set up that wifi connection thing. It confuses me.

I want to make a Slowpoke plush. xD


Oh yeah, thanks guys for your support. Despite the begining of my birthday, it really turned right side up and had a wonderful time. You guys are very nice. :)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

You really don't have to...

Read that below, okay? It's ment for a friend that recently died. I don't really know the details, but she died in a coma of some sort. I don't really know what to say.

We are taking one of our dogs into the vet later today to be put to sleep, if she doesn't die tonight in her sleep. She won't eat or drink anything. She's been so strong, and holding on for a long while now. This year has been pretty rough, she's lost a signigficant amount of weight and is now barely nothing. She's almost 18 so she's lived a full life. It's werid to see her go, I've known her since I was so young, I grew up with her. I think she's slowly going right now, earlier she acted as if she didn't know who we were. I feel so bad that we have to do this, like it's not the right thing. But I know it is. We can't let her suffer. If she is going to die, she should go in her sleep. I'm so sorry sweetheart.

This is such an aweful way to start my eighteenth birthday.

I'm so shaken up, I can't really type. I think I've fixed every thing. You wouldn't be able to read this if I hadn't. You should have seen it before.

I will swithc to something more pelasent.

Daddy selebrated my birth day todya and I got a sweet looking litte kitty backpack, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollowes, and the new Teanage Mutant Nignja tureltes.

:| That's my smiole.

Sorry, see that's how I was typeing. I wasn't pjlying or trying too, I just can't type right now.

I'm goign to go to sleep and try ot cheer up.


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I'm sorry-

--That I didn't sit with you in lunch more often; I did it because I was scared and lonely too. For some reason, I would have rather stayed outside by myself in the freezing cold (despite the fact that I hated the cold in deep December and November) than come inside to sit with you and Josh. Where not only would my skin be warm, but my heart also. When you asked me why I didn't come eat lunch, I'd just say It really wasn't that cold outside (when in all reality it was). I enjoyed when you called me socks, it made me laugh. It also made me laugh when you left that carrot in your backpack. It made me laugh when we couldn't figure out on what to call you, so we just settled on Twitchy.

I'm sorry that I didn't know sooner. I feel so bad about that.

I know you didn't find your door, but in your short search (which was shortend, from the information I have received) you did find the door that all of us seek. Just some find it faster than others.

You are one of those special few.

I'm sure you couldn't be happier, I hope your back is better and that it's everything that it's cracked up to be.

So I guess to keep this short and simple, you will indefinitely be missed.

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