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Hi! I love anime! . . . and manga . . . Mess is FIRE! ! ! Im new and "Im luvin' it" LOL By the way, Otaku is cool...you dont even have to pay!

I wanna a make a lot of friends. So signing my GB and commenting here in there on my posts would make me very happy. hee hee ^.^

Feel free to visit my niece's and bro.'s site too! Lethean and AnimesGirlBria

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nobody's comin to my site. Well not nobody but im not getting to many visits. I feel so lonely. Just kiddin. Iíve been tryin to surf a lot more. My dumb bro Lethean hogs the computer like crazy.!! We only have one computer.

You know, Iím so stupid,. I really need to get with this computer technology. I just donít get it. I went onto my site and just started surfing, looking at other peoples sites and when I went to go type in comments and sign guest books, there was no space for me to type. I was wondering for a long time what happened. Then here comes my brother, I tell him my problem and he goes ďdid you log in?Ē I felt so stupid. You donít even know. That was a pretty funny morning. See, Iím still new to the site just getting the hand of it!!!

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