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Thursday, January 24, 2008

una sonrisa de mi para ti =]
OMG!! it's been ages since i last posted something here.. btw my trip to mexico was fleaping awesome!! n - n the only bad thing is that i won't be able to go during summer... uh huh!! erm... let's see... zero drawing from me... but if you ever have time check out my sis's portfolio (Sweet Lullaby) she has amazing drawings!! one of 'em is a naruto/phantom of the opera related... =] heehee¢¾ oh!! well i made an acount in fictionpress.com and i put some of my poems... my username is Dreams in D minor here's the link to it if you have any time please check out my poems...


aaaah~! my piano final is tomorrow!! O _ O i'm doomed!! doomed i tell ya DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!! anywho... erm... i guess i'll go study now.. that's if i dont get distracted by random objects... o - o its so hard to stay focused!! good bye!!

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