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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   hola gente!!
hellow!! well first of all... nothing went as planned... i was gonna draw during winter break and post them up since its been while since i put somethin new...but i ended up in mexico... weeeiiird.... O-o in case youre wondering í´m on quest looking for a hidden cookie jar in the mist of the pacific ocean... JK!! teehee♥ í´m here cuz one of my cousins is turning 15 and she´s gonna have a quinceañera and i´m part of it... so yeaaaa... i´ll be back though... heehee... oh!! i forgot to mention my sister´s name here is Sweet Lullaby! and she has an awesome manga about vampires its really cool!!! teeheehee♥ well gots to go i wish you all an awesome new year!! muhahahaha!!! X3
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