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YO!! wuzzup?? I'm Kr4zY s4sUkE!! xD welcome to my site of DOOM!! w00T! Sign my gb if u wanna be my buddy. ^^ i'll sign urs back, so dont worry O_o and....if u dont like randomness...i suggest u not be here....ITS UBER RANDOM!! x3 OK THEN!! add me and i'll add u....and.....yah......OK! *explodes*

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Friday, November 17, 2006

   Hi guys

oh man..i miss being here...T_T sorry i havent been on in such a loooonnngggg time!! i had to move in with my grandparents cuz my skool is too far from my house...and i got no internet and cable there! >_> sooooorrrrryyyy!! well, im glad i made a new friend that HAS internet! =D im at his house right now O.o maybe...i'll try to post and check out u guys's sites and stuff if i get to come over again. ^^ yeah...well, right now im gonna change my site look. O_o sooo...see ya! xD *explodes*

I ♥ YOU AKANE!! O____O

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


(dont ask) O.o ok...i will be random now...

*explodes* PANCAKES NEED SOME LOVING TOO!! ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT WAFFLES!! >_<>_<_><_> wtf...lol! x3 *jumps on table* I AM THE BOOGIE MAN! BOOGABOOGABOOGABOOOOOOOOOO!! meh...i dunno wut to say...everybody la dee da dee do...everybody la dee da dee do...^^

i made a coolio manga thingy...i was bored...and i decided to look up some Tsubasa manga scans and make them say different stuff...here it is!! xD


sorry if it affends anyone in any way....O_o i dunno how it would tho...I WAS REALLY BORED AND DIDNT KNOW WUT TO WRITE IN THE LITTLE BUBBLES!!! xD so..dont yell at me plz...ok..uuuummm...*explodes* bye! ^^

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