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Hi!!! My name is JJ!! I am one of the ToiletNinjas™ and this is my site!! so...WELCOME!! XD well...im gonna post some pics on this site...yah...I LOVE KAKASHI!!!! XD he's so smexy....^^ anyways...you can sign my guestbook and add me if u want ^_^ it'd be nice if u did....OK BYE!!

I adopted a cute lil' ninja fetus
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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   HI! lol

man..i havent been here in such a long time O_o...>_> sorry guys...i forgot my password a long time ago..and i switched to my other site permanently...yes, I AM XxAerithXx xD i betcha didnt know that huh? well, for ppl who didnt know that...soowie..T.T im using that site...im probably never gonna change sites O.o so..yah...im gonna close down this site O_O so if ya wanna stay in touch, go to my XxAerithXx site k? byezz! ^.^

--Aerith ¢¡§ú

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