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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TOO Long....

Sorry EVERYONE!!!!! I haven't been on for such a long time(gasps).. over a month!

But anyway hope everyone had a Great New Years!!!

As for me i followed my own tradition over Christmas Break and watched FRUITS BASKET!!! YAY!

~What COOL traditions do you have??

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yesterday was my 17 BIRTHDAY!!!!!

WHOOOO!!! Now i can LEGALLY get into rated 'r' movies :)
Also, i just transferred schools. SCARY! But i've met a lot of new people and everyone's very nice to me so it's all good ^^

1. When is your birthday?

2. Have you ever transferred schools?

3. Who are you spending your Thanksgiving with?

4. Name one thing you're greatful for.

5. What's ur favorite thing to do w/ur friends?

6. Anyone also A SEXY SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD???!!!

7. Any Random Comment is acceptable but only if it's also appropriate...


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Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm Briefly Back

Hello Everyone!!!! It's been like what.... a month or so??

How is everybody doing??? Today was the end of the quater for me, IT WENT SO FAST!!!!

1. I have a new hand-drawn and colored artwork COMING SOON! I hope you like Gentleman's Alliance!!!!

2. How is school for everyone going??? I hope no one has dropped out or anything.... c'mon kids! Let's be 4.0 students *grins*

3. Give me one random fact about yourself.( but not a creepy one) haha, mine is that i eat like four apples a day ^^.

4. I accidently erased my backround for the posts...if anyone remembers how to put one back up, plez let me kno!>.<

I'll be back soon with the up-coming art!!!!!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


I feel terrible!!!!

I NEED to draw to complete my life. I honestly haven't gone a single day of my life without doodling at least a tiny picture in my notes at school or something like that ^^"

Sorry i haven't added any art recently!!! I've drawn a lot, but i don't color stuff by the computer, i think that coloring by hand is much more impressive^^. Not that computer coloring looks bad or anything! 0.0

It's just that i admire hand-colored artworks more... i donno why, i just do.

So, hopefully when school projects are done and ACT studying is out of the way, i can add a few^_^

Welll,,,,,, I'll see you all in a week or so!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hey, hey everybody!!!!!!!

Sorry it's been so long once again since i've been on>.<

Well, now in my second week of school, i really happy with all of my classes^__^

College Biology is super-easy so far, except for like 40 pages of reading every night, but oh-well, that's still nothing.

Chemistry is just a pain, tho, only because the teacher mumbles and never even looks up at the students....

1. Did you ever have a crapy teacher?
- i know it shouldn't matter, but when i can't get INTO a class, i just don't enjoy it.

2. Has anyone been hit by cupid???!!
- it's so odd, but yes, i did. VERY CREEPY. (at least it hit both of us ^^)

3. Who else does sports????
- i'm sick of volleyball for once. I honestly don't care about winning or losing, all i want is a GOOD game. NOthing lame or slow, but with presice skill. NO LAZINESS!!!! UGH!!!!

4. HOMECOMING!!!! When's your homecoming?
- it's homecomeing nxt week for me!!!! yayayayayay!!!! HAHA, GO BLUE!

5. Sorry i haven't been on lately, but i'm trying. If anyone knows that website that explains how the 'fancy' stuff works here, lemme know plez! I forget how to get my backround to stay...*-*


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