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Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Friday, August 29, 2008

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please forgive me everyone!!!!

School is going to be the death ofme!!!!!

I'm going to put up a new song tonight and make a new layout tomorrow. Right now, I'm too damn tired!!!!!!!!!!

So far, school is okay. It's just a bitch at times, but whatcha gonna do?

I hate the dickweeds (seniors, juniors) who act like you aren't even there. Like, It gets so bad, that they'll even push you down just to get to their next class. The second time this happned to me, I tripped the douche and he was all "Who the hell tripped me?" I just kinda laughed.

And the drama is the WORST!!! Already we are having drama in my grade and that will cause some problems in the future, I feel.

Hope you guys like the new song!!!!

EDIT: Please visit this link so I can make more Ryo on Hokages Room!!!! I really want this poster, so youv'e got to help me!!!!!!!

Click till it hurts!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Verrrrrrry LONG...

Thanks for the 5 comments!!!

I need to go to my schools' orientation. I hate that so much!!!! I really wanted to stay home, but I can't. And I'm sooooo close to beating Okami!!!!!!!! I was gonna beat it tonight.

I start school tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I went to FYE today. I bought:

- Naruto 2009 calendar (It has Tenten in it!!!!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!!!)
- Naruto Posterzine 2
- Koalas March Lotte cookies

And Mandy (this girl that works there) said she wanted me to meet someone. So I walk in the back and a Japanese guy with a suit on says hi to me and I'm all "Hi..." and then he starts talking to me and says "Would it be okay if you helped us host an Anime event here at FYE?" and I was all "HUH???????? Are you serious?!?" Turns out that he was a guy from Viz Media and he was really important. Had a tag saying "Executive Chairman" on his suit and I feel so effing important!!!!!!!!!! This event is sometime in September and Mandy told him that I was the biggest anime fan there (which was probably true). And then, he ordered me a free copy of Naruto Uncut Box Set 9 Special Edition and Naruto vol. 26!!!!! For free!!!!!! And they should come in the mail next week, by the time he gets back to California. I feel so special. He asked if I was a cosplayer and I said "I cosplayed as Haku for Anime Club and Halloween." And he got really excited and he said "You are definitely my first choice. Haku is my favorite character on Naruto!" And then I was all "MINE TOO!!!!!"

So then that was IT!!!!! I got free DVDs Betches. I'll see him again at the event in September and he'll probably freak out. Viz Media rox my sox!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Went to Dresden yesterday...

Dresden is the Basket Capital of the World... It's in Ohio, and it sucks. 90% of the people there are old women or gay guys. It sucked ass!!!! My mom, aunt, and grandma went..... They made me go. I might have some pics up when Grandma gets them developed (she's so old fashioned lol).

I went to Toys R Us and bought some Naruto Graffix for my DS and some more Naruto throwing knives (which I needed).

Then, I went to this mall on the way home. At Hot Topic, I bought a Naruto blanket (so soft!!!) and a black Naruto shirt. And then this guy that worked there saw me and said "Aren't you the kid on YouTube with that Harleigh girl?" And I was all "Yeah..." And he was all "Kid, I fucking love you." and glomped me. I was all O.o and he scared me.......... I WAS GAY RAPED IN THE HOT TOPIC!!!!!!!!!! lol

Then at the FYE there, I bought Naruto the Movie 2 Legend of the Stone of Gelel. It's okay... I still haven't watched it all yet...

And that's all theat happened these past few days...

GAY RAPEAGE!!!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you had a heart, you wouldn't break mine.

Thanks for the 10 comments guys! That's the most I've gotten in awhile!

I drew a new drawing. I'll put it up tomorrow it hasn't been approved yet).

I need to go to the school tomorrow to have the principal help me find my classes and locker. I'm so not going to like high school... Everything is in one of the four diffrent halls and it's really confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the following classes (in order):

Global Hist.*
Health (first sem.)
Algebra 1B (the algebra for stupid people -_-)
English I
Physical Science*
Study Hall*
Spanish I*
Classes marked with a * means I will like them!

The history and Spanish teachers are cool and funny! My mom knows the teachers because she used to work in the school (she drives a school bus now) and she told me all about my teachers.

The science teacher lived in Japan for 2 years! I talked to her and she was really nice. We were talking about our favorite anime and stuff! We had fun too!

Uh... Yeah... Bye!

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Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday, I was wearing this Naruto shirt. It has every single character on it, and my uncle Bo was all "You wear the most random ass shirts." And then I said "Well you have the most random vagina!!!" It was great!!!

Not much else to really remark about except that I made my first AMV!!! I shall put it up!!!

I'm quite proud of it myself!!! Hope you guys like it!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks guys!

Time: 12:28 PM
Mood: okay
Song: Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel
Thanks for all of the comments! They mean so much! I'll try to take the effort to subscribe to all who subscribed me and I'll be happy!!!!

Thanks for the... uh... however many comments I got!

I woke up this morning really tired. I went to bed at 2:00 (my usual summer bedtime) and woke up at 10:46. Not the best choice... I feel fine now!

I hope everyone notices the new look! Well' It's not THAT diffrent. My background stays still. There's no side menu. The scrollbar is blue! Hope everyone likes the (minor) changes!

Well, I'll see you guys later then!

Time finished: 12:33 PM

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

   Bought sexy Stuffs!!!!

I bought clothes and these sexy ass CONVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to OfficeMax and bought a new scanner and the Student Edition of Microsoft Office 2007! Also, I've put up a new art piece. I don't know if it's been approved, but by the time you read this it should be. At least I hope. Just check my Portfolio to see if it's there. I also have 2 cards in there if you want to check those out.

Thanks for the 9 comments!

That's really all that happened...

Oh! And this is fore chibi anna-chan.

If that comment offended, I'm sorry. It's just that it made me sad and did ruin my day. I watched that documentary and pretty much died. It was that sad. I didn't cry, but it just put me in a slump... Again, sorry for the comment!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

   uh... Yah...

Thanks for the 5 comments y'all!!!!!!!!!!

I went to go see The Mummy: Tomb oof the Dragon Emperor yesterday. It was a good movie. Even my mom liked it so you know it was good. She only likes old and shitty movies.

It wasn't as scary as the first two. I thought It'd be scary. It was good, but not scary. I definitely recommend it! BISH!!!!!!

So thats all that has happened...

Oh! My scanner won't work on Vista (the new Windows). It sucks that I have to get a new one. I was going to put up some of my art on theO so people could see my crappy art. I think it sucks and you would too...

Well' that's the update... see ya!!!!!


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