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Monday, April 28, 2008

   Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!


My back is KILLING me!!!

WTF There is a kid standing in the middle of the road..... I hope he gets hit! Kids are dykes!


Kytes - Thanks!

Emmah - Wow! I feel special! Then TalimSoul commented...

Artist: Zwei

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wawwwiesgaajjt/ PTJMAMDDDAD

Really random today!

I had a b-day lunch thing, and I got a Naruto cake!!! Yay!

Responds to comments

yumi08uchiha - Thanks!

chibi-anna-chan - *dances in confetti*

Emmah - I have thrush 24/7!!! JK That b-day thing is ironic...

Song: Leave The Pieces
Artist: The Wreckers

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

   Harleigh: My vagina is sore... Me: Rub some Vagisil on it!!!

Talked to her on the phone just now!!!

My b-day is Tuesday!

Responds to comments:

Emmah - Thanks, hun!

inuchobits - My grandma gets all of my stuff for me. I wish I was rich...

Song: New Soul
Artist: Yael Naļm

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Friday, April 25, 2008


Shadowing Day was fun.

I bought:
- Tekkonkinkreet DVD
- Akatsuki straw hat
- Naruto, Leaf. Kakashi keychain
- Naruto, Lee, Gaara keychain
- Strawberry Ramune

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shadowing Day!!!

I get to shadow some guy at FYE! Whoop!

Shadowing Day - a day to follow someone on a future career you may want to take. A.K.A. Take your kids to work day

Well, that's about it....

Song: Don't Dream It's Over
Artist: Sixpence None the Richer


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'd like to thank you all for the 4 comments I hate you all!!! Joking!

Well, I'm gonna go to a Japanese place in Columbus to get some baked fish in a minute!!! Yummy!

Song: Simple and Clean - PLANTb Remix (Short Edit)
Artist: Utada Hikaru

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From a comment to a wit 2 by me....

Um, don't call me gay (because I'm not) but I've really started to get into yaoi manga. I mean, I feel kinda bad about liking it, but it's just something new to start to get into. I feel really homo, but I'm not, and I'm just kinda... hooked. Please don't hate me for liking things like that... I'm just tired of the same ol' shit to read.....

I really don't like the art much, but the stories are really good. I just can't stop reading it. It is such a habit...

About 2 get caught. gotta go.

EDIT: Site currently under construction. Please wait for bg.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

   Reading OAT....................

That test was sooo effing hard! I dont want to take another test like that again... Even though it was reading, it was still hard! I can't take it anymore! Next, I have to take Math on Wednesday.

Well, I am typing this in computer class.

Uh, yeah...

Pretty much...


Artist: Zwei

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am so tired of MyO anymore.... I now get 1-2 comments..... I am going to not post for awhile. I'll still comment though!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nothing happened so....


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