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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Hey everyone! Its’ been a pretty good day for me today.
I went to Cynthia’s Birthday party! It was soo fun! We had an egg toss, lol the egg broke in my hand, a water balloon toss and an egg fight. Veronica and me won the water balloon toss. lol no one hit me except Veronica in the egg fight, and Veronica was my own teammate! She broke the egg in my head and it was all over my hair!!! I was pissed so I got an egg and threw it at her skirt and everyone started aiming at her. It was sooo much fun! I feel guilty though cause the egg stains wont come off of Vero’s clothes. And then we went to a park next to Christina M. Eve, it’s a school next to Cynthia’s house, but she doesn’t like the school though, she thinks it’s for snobs. Well we went there and played in the monkey bars and the playground and we met some guys we started “playing” with them. And then we played truth or dare, nothing that bad cause everyone was watching us. This was totally annoying. And then we went back to Cynthia’s house! We were about to play shaving cream fight, but I had to leave. Buh bye for now.


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