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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   New theme! and chapter!

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Hahah, I have prevailed!!!! My computer was working so slowly, but I managed to change my theme without too much trouble ^-^ But it did take forever to make the avatar....

I'm so happy xD Does it look okay? I actually liked the bg enough that I sent it in as a wallpaper....

Here's my next chapter! Of course, it's not like I really worked on it today xD I will, though, so I can have it done for tomorrow or whatever...


[Terrence's POV]

"He's not special."

"But - he did survive." the poisoning man's voice.


"Bring him to me. Now!"

"Yes, sir." the voice again.

Several minutes later--

"Agh...It hurts! ....It.....it hurts!" a younger Terrence came into view, then the vision blurred and faded.

Special....Kitty must be what they're looking for.....but I can't just let them take her. Not without a fight! No matter how strong she is...she can't take them all down....

[end POV]

"Kitty..." he started. "I'll do whatever it takes to protect you, but you have to fight yourself."

She stared at him oddly, then smiled. "That came up right out of the blue, didn't it? ...But one thing I don't get.... Do you mean fight myself, or I have to fight someone else....?"

"Oh boy....." he put his head in his hand. "Huh......" he looked over at her. "Why would I tell you to fight yourself, silly?"

She pondered this for a moment, thinking of a sensible answer, and grinned sheepishly. "I dunno. It just sounded like something from a movie..." she took a deep breath. "A sci-fi movie....."

He took his hand off his head.

"Well, either way... I'm gonna go to the movies. You comin' with, or what?" he turned and walked toward the door that was still open.

"Hey, wait!!! I can't go in this!!!!" Kitty jumped off the bed and pulled Terry's arm.

"....." he looked at her outfit, blood-stained and slightly torn, and sighed. "Well.....what size are you?"

"No. No way. You're soooo not picking my outfit!!!" her face hardened, but then she grew thoughtful.

[Kitty's POV]

I don't know....his clothes are pretty hot.

[end POV]

Terrence looked at her strangely. "You okay? Your face is burning up!"

Her eyes widened and she looked away. "Oh, it's nothing...."

They both said nothing for a minute or two, waiting for the other to speak.

"You wanna wear something of mine then...? I don't think you want to go in that....." his voice trailed off.

"You mean guys' clothes?!" her face looked appalled, but her eyes said otherwise.

[Kitty's POV]

I've always wanted to wear those snug, skin-tight jeans of theirs with those wide pockets!!! And a loose T-shirt.... Man, guys get it so easy!

[end POV]

".....Yeah, I don't really think I wear girls' clothing...." he looked disturbed at the thought, then shook his head.

"Just point me to the drawer!" she said, starting to get hyper.

Terrence sighed. The thought of her shuffling through his wardrobe wasn't very appealing, but he knew she wasn't going to get any satisfaction otherwise.

"Fine. Just don't mess it all up....I like to keep things....orderly..."

He walked over to a dresser on the other side of the room and opened three out of five drawers.

"You can get whatever you want out of these drawers, but don't touch this one or else! And this one.... Well, let's just say I'd probably cut your fingers off if I saw you trying to open it."

She gasped and her eyes widened, but then she turned smug.

"I'd kill to see what's in there....." she said, mischief written all over her face.

"....." Terrence's face turned a brick red. ".....No, I....don't....think you would....." he then paused, his face becoming even more red. "Would you?"

"I dunno. What's in it?" she asked stupidly, wondering why his face was so red. "I think you're the one whose face is burning up."

"Just don't touch it, okay?!" he almost hissed, very irritably.

He tried to calmly walk out the door to wait on her, but it was clear in the pounding of his shoes hitting the ground that he was a little torked with her.

"Okay, geez...." she stared at the open drawers.

Very neat, very orderly, no dust or anything. Yep, it was a very well-kept dresser. Very much unlike her dresser back at home with clothes hanging out from almost every angle of the drawers.

She poked through the first drawer, finding a lot of the long sweater-like shirts he wore all the time.

[Kitty's POV]

These must be for the scar......to hide it.... Poor Terry....

[end POV]

She closed the drawer after pulling out a black shirt, leaving it slightly messier than it used to be, flipped through the next drawer, tossing out two shirts, and closing that drawer.

She then went through the pants drawer. There were plenty of stylish pants, she thought, for boys. But she tried to find the most girlish-looking pair.

[Kitty's POV]

Nothing! Doesn't this guy ever try to get in touch with his feminine side?

[end POV]

She huffed, blowing her bangs away from her face momentarily before they fell back down.

"All right. Fine." she rolled her eyes.

Pulling out a pair of tight jeans, like she had thought about before, she tried them on.

"Wow, he's got some nice hips!" she said, giggling to herself.

Outside the room, Terrence was leaning on the door, turning pink.

"You done yet?" he asked, embarrassed.

"Oh, not yet, sorry!!" she pulled on the long, black shirt. "Is it cold outside?"

He sighed, then brushed his hand through his hair. "I think it's supposed to be cooler...."

She smiled. "Okay!" Kitty then pulled on a royal purple-colored T-shirt with a black-fire design on the front. She then tossed on the white tank top. It was plain, but it was long and went down to the pockets of her jeans.

Terrence looked down the hall, half-sleepy, one-fourth awake, and the other part was already asleep. He was leaning on the door.

"You have to be done now!" he groaned.

"I didn't take that long!" she said rolling her eyes. "But I'm done. You got any shoes?"

She pulled open the door suddenly, and Terrence almost fell backwards.

"Whoa!!" Kitty said.

She stepped forward quickly and helped support him. "Sorry!!!"

Terrence got his footing and turned around, about to give her a lecture when he saw what she was wearing.

"...Three?" he looked away, smiling. "It won't be that cold. Trust me."

"All right." she said, throwing off the tank top. "It was too long anyway." she saw he was now looking at her and got flustered. "What? Is this okay?"

She had a slender form, and even though that was his tightest pair of jeans, they hung loosely around her waist even though the purple shirt, also very large, tried to cover it.

"Hmmm...." he didn't quite know what to say. "I've never worn my clothes like that."

She rolled her eyes. "I know. It looks stupid. Let's just go!"

"Um.... 'k...."


I hope you liked it! The next chapter will be a little weird, though, so bear with me!


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