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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Hayo!!! ^-^

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Okay, so I was a total idiot and kept writing until I thought a chapter was done. *rolls eyes* Well, turns out I had about 4000 words, so I had to cut it down into chunks xD

I posted late yesterday and today, but I'll try to post at midnight tonight.....yeah....

I think I'm gonna post another pic today, but I'm not sure... It's a Fruits Basket pic of Haru and Momiji.... and Momiji's head is too small ;.;

So bored today.... -.- Had to go to DQ today with my sister (even though she quit her job there) so she could chat with her ex-co-workers xP Oh well. I got fries and a piece of fried chicken out of the deal, so w/e, lol!

I hate posting so late, but I wanted to post anyway, so here it is ^-^"

Well, c'ya later! Here's my chapter!


Terrence nodded off for a moment, but then saw a small sliver of sunlight trying to find its way into the room. Deciding to help it, he walked up and pulled back the curtains, and then he heard a groan on the other side of the room.

"I'm still.....tired....a few more....hours...." Kitty groaned as she flipped over to face the other side of the room.

".....I almost forgot you for a moment." he smiled as he saw her move a little before eventually flopping back down again to continue her sleep. He then shook his head and smiled.

[Terrence's POV]

She's so weird. But....maybe...

[end POV]

His face grew solemn as he walked over to her bed. Stopping for a moment, debating on whether or not to sit down, he ran his fingers across the wooden bed post. It was old wood, and it was chipped and partially cracked. The other side looked better -- probably since the sun was drying out the wood on that side.

[Terrence's POV]

Maybe she could have actually forgotten....for one small moment...

[end POV]

He smiled, but it looked pained.

[Terrence's POV]

And I'll have to bring her back to reality....

[end POV]

Terrence then sat down softly beside her and leaned over her. Putting his left arm behind her back and putting his hand firmly on the bed for support, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, his breath moist on her pale face. She squinted with her eyes still closed, then tried to open them.

"Hey..." he smiled softly. "Good morning..."

"Huh....?" she stared at him for a minute, puzzled, then looked away, tears starting to form in her eyes. "Oh."

He saw a tear trickle down the left side of her face and brushed it away, and she stared up at him.

"Sorry... I had to wake you up." he looked in her eyes, then looked away.

"No...it's okay." she sat up a little, revealing her slender, clean arms. "I had to wake up sometime."

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, ignoring the fact he was still right next to her.

"Hey...!" Terry looked hard at her arms, then stared at her.

Kitty wasn't rubbing her eyes now, but she was keeping them in front of her face. Terrence grabbed one of her hands, now soaked in hot tears, then looked sorrowfully at her innocent face.

She didn't open her eyes; she just kept sobbing. He gently rubbed the exposed side of her face, trying to soak up some of the moisture from the tears with his hand.

"Hey..." he leaned forward and kissed her by the ear. "It's all right..." he whispered softly.

"No, no, no! It's not all right! No....Why, Terry? Why?!" she choked out through her sobs.

He stared at her in complete sympathy, but then looked down at the ground.

[Terrence's POV]

I didn't know she'd be this shaken up.....Poor girl.... I guess...it really wasn't this bad for me.....but since her Mom and Dad....

[end POV]

He shook his head as if trying to rid himself from some unwanted memory.

[Terrence's POV]

No. She wouldn't even know. As far as she's concerned, her Mom and Dad are at home while she's.....here....

[end POV]

Terrence looked up at the ceiling, stared at her for a moment, and then stood on his knees and held her.

"It's okay." he paused; nothing he could say would really help. "But....Please stop crying."

She nodded her head slowly, but she couldn't stop. The tears just kept coming, and she hardly knew the reason why.

"I know I can't do very much for you, but at least-"

A knock was heard on the door, so he turned his attention toward the noises coming from the room next to them.

"Hey, open up in there!" a raspy voice was heard.

Terry slid his arms off Kitty slowly and walked toward the door, making sure his steps were unheard.

"'Wat ef n'on's 'ome?" another voice whispered.

"Of course they're home, you 'idget!" the raspy voice again. The direction of his voice then changed. "You go in there and tell them they're goin' home alone or with us!"

There was a quick shuffle of feet, then a small knocking was heard followed by two harder knocks. Terry rolled his eyes.

"Oh brother..." he sighed. "You guys really stink at the whole 'spying' thing."

He walked toward the door and unlocked one lock at a time, leaving one still locked.

"Is Rey there?" Terry asked doubtfully.

"Yes, I'm here..."

Terry smiled in relief, then almost unlocked the last lock before thinking.

"Only Rey may come in, if I unlock the door." he stated plainly.

"Is that a threat? You wanna fight?!" the raspy voice answered.

"Do you?" Kitty exclaimed, her face less red and less drenched.

Everyone paused and Terrence looked at her incredulously. Four feet were heard moving back from the door and soon running down the hall. Rey, apparently, was left all by himself.

"Rey? You still there?" Terrence finally asked.

"...." he didn't respond for a moment. "Will she hurt me?"

Terrence unlocked the door to see a white-faced young boy. He hadn't stepped away from the door because he was stunned to hear Kitty's voice.

"It's a good thing this door opens on the inside..." Terrence mumbled then ushered Rey into the room.

It was really no problem trying to get him into the room since he was as still as a stone.

"Kitty.... You've met him before, right?"

"Yeah..." she smiled, then rubbed her right eye with her hand.

Rey flinched and gave a small grunt. "Please don't punish me! ...Uh....I can....." he stopped speaking.

Kitty stared at Rey and frowned. This had made her angry for some reason.

"Hey, stop being such a knucklehead! I'm not gonna hurt you! I didn't hurt you before, did I?"

"That was before....before...." he stopped, thinking that what he was about to say would be too bold. "Don't hurt me, please!" her cried, then crouched, prepared for an attack.

"GrrrrrrrrRawrf!!!" a bark echoed through the hall, then all that was seen was a shaggy white mass of something at the door. Whatever it was apparently knew who the boy was and walked into the room as if he owned the place.

Terrence stared at it wide-eyed. "Oh no....don't tell me...."

It walked up to Rey and bit into the cuff of his sleeve, then trounced off jerking Rey off with it.

"G-grand...pa?" Rey asked, still staring at the creature as it pulled him down the next room and, apparently, by the sound of several thuds, down the stairs.

Kitty stared, not knowing whether to continue sitting there or just burst out laughing. The first idea being unappealing, she decided to do the latter.

Terrence then turned his attention from the open door to her, seeing her smile and laugh for the first time since the night before. For some reason, that made his heart kick his stomach - hard, too.

[Terrence's POV]

Oh boy... I must be coming down with something! ....Oh well. She seems to be happy.....

[end POV]

He grinned to himself, then stared out the door.

[Terrence's POV]

I wonder what sort of deal was made.... And then.... Her arms!

[end POV]

He turned around and stared at her, probably thinking he just didn't notice it before. But no, he wasn't seeing things. Her arms were bare.

"....How is that even possible? ....First, your hand....now this?" he looked shocked.

"What are you talking about?" she was still smiling from before, but she had a very questioning look.

Slowly, Terrence walked toward her and examined one arm, then the next.

[Terrence's POV]

Nothing..... Absolutely nothing!! ...It's....it's strange!

[end POV]

"No. It's impossible...." he stopped, then looked her in the eye. "Do you know how long it took for just the poison to go away?"

He pulled back his right sleeve to reveal a long, wide scar-like scab that started at the top of his arm and came all the way down to the middle of his forearm.

"Terry, what happened?!" she looked in horror at the wound.

"It....it happened to you too!" he pulled down his sleeve, then walked toward her. "Your arms..... They were bleeding, remember?"


Pretty long....but not too bad, right? ....Oh well. I tried. I had to cut it off there since I went on another tangent, so yeah.... W/e xD


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